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Customer testimonials about Ilkley

What our customers say about us.

Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"After being less than impressed with our previous bank’s attitudes and policies, someone recommended Handelsbanken. Their approach to business is as it used to be, when a decision or advice could be given without having to refer you further and further up the chain. If anything needs to be discussed a helpful voice is always at the end of the phone."

Carling & Carling Properties Ltd.

"We approached Handelsbanken for our banking requirements after obtaining recommendations from a number of local accountants and solicitors. Since our initial contact we were impressed by their understanding of our business and by the smoothness of the transfer from our existing bankers. Since our initial contact we have been highly satisfied with the assistance and service we have received."

The Directors
Low Moor Properties Ltd.

"It's totally refreshing, even unique, to have access to a bank that is solely focussed on its customers and not internal targets which in turn can only promote lasting long term relationships, better decision making and service for everyone concerned."

Graham Elliott
Partner at  Henton & Co Chartered Accountants

"My wife and I would also like to sincerely thank you for the way you handled and arranged the loan. Your friendly relaxed approach, whilst at the same time being thoroughly professional, was a refreshing change. You certainly more than lived up to the Handelsbanken ‘Mission Statement’."

Individual Banking customer, Ilkley

"After over thirty years of using one of the main high street banks, our company made the decision to change our bankers last year. We had over a period of 6 years had at least three ‘Managers’ and several changes of assistants in various parts of Yorkshire assigned to look after us and it was becoming increasingly difficult to know who or how to contact anyone who would be able to help us with any of our banking requirements. Having been notified of yet another increase in charges from our old bank - despite having credit balances and receiving little or no interest on any of our accounts – it was the final straw. 

We contacted Handelsbanken in Ilkley and had several meetings to discuss our needs – their staff were realistic and extremely helpful. It is so refreshing to be able to either email or pick up the phone and know who you are talking to and that the same people are available every day. The changeover was obviously quite a daunting prospect for a busy company trading throughout the UK and overseas in various currencies but everything was thought through by the Handelsbanken staff to make sure the transition was as smooth as possible."

Knoll Yarns Limited

"After some 20 years with the same bank (it's actually harder than you think to make the break and change banks) the novelty of receiving apology after apology wore off. 

The frustration of overseas call centres and spiralling 084 multi choice phone numbers to take care of what should have been simple requests really did take their toll. 

The problem was that all high street banks actually were in reality all the same. Until we found Handelsbanken. 

Banking like it used to be!! People who answer the phone and take an interest in you and your business, people who actually smile and enjoy their job and don't give reasons why not to do things. 

A web site (ok it's a tad basic) that's not full of gimmicks and sales features, it's just a shame we didn't move years earlier! 

Thanks to all the team and keep up the good work all at Ilkley."

Steve Harris

"We moved our property company's banking to Handelsbanken 15 months ago and have been delighted with the service we get from our local branch. The best thing is that everyone you speak to can help with a query, rather than the usual impersonal call centre culture that has invaded the rest of the banking system. 

All the staff know what they are doing and are always willing to assist. It is nice to find a bank that values long term relationships as much as I do."

John Tate
J&J Tate

"Having spent 21 years using a major clearing bank and the latter 2 years being pushed from one manager to another, the last of which I would not have paid with washers, it was very refreshing to meet Jim Myles of Handelsbanken here in Ilkley. 

They understood our requirements both now and in the future and whilst the due diligence was copious, we found it to be a good discipline to reaffirm that the cash flow and management systems we have in place are efficient.

On a day to day basis the accounts run smoothly and when a problem arises, it is resolved immediately and in a friendly and personal manner, a breath of fresh air from our historic dealings with our previous bank.

We are so pleased with the association we have formed with Jim and the rest of the girls that we are proposing to move over our personal and other company accounts.”

John Hanline
Managing Director,  Hanline Associates