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Customer testimonials

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"We must be honest and say that neither of us had heard of Handelsbanken when we started looking for a new house. We had found a quirky property which we fell in love with. Several banks (including our own) were not keen to offer us a mortgage. This seemed to be madness, and we found it very frustrating. The vendors’ estate agent suggested that we may like to talk to Handelsbanken.

When we talked to Handelsbanken, it was immediately obvious that they were a bank we could do business with. They had a sensible approach, were very diligent in assessing whether we could afford the loan and worked almost in an “old fashioned” way, which was very comforting. It is refreshing to have a contact in a small team who can make significant decisions without escalating everything to head office. Our financial advisor was unable to match the rate offered and therefore our relationship with the bank started and has continued very happily since.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Handelsbanken to others, and when reading up about them on the internet initially, it is obvious that they take customer service and satisfaction very seriously, which has been our experience."

Corporate Banking customers

"It was evident from my initial meeting with John and Jon at Handelsbanken that their approach is very different from the mainstream banks. Some call it old fashioned banking, I would call it very forward thinking banking. I guess the principle is the same; where you personally know your bank managers and they know you and your business instantly. The genuine interest that was shown in wanting to understand my business and my plans for the future was very reassuring. 

I believe that business is built on relationships, and in my opinion, that is exactly where Handelsbanken stand out from other banks. Not only do I now have a bank account tailored to my needs, but have built some great relationships with everyone at Handelsbanken Middlesbrough – even, just through having an informal chat with Jon, and a later introduction, have now secured a deal to purchase another property from one of his other clients, a true win – win situation... Brilliant!" 

Individual Banking customers

"Despite our family business having traded very successfully for over 35 years and banked with the same high street bank since well before Day 1, we found ourselves the victims of their Head Office labelling us a bad risk due to the sector we traded in no longer being “flavour of the month”. The level of service soon became unbearable and we received a similar attitude when we approached other well known UK banks.

Thankfully we were introduced to the Middlesbrough branch of Handelsbanken. They took the time to thoroughly assess and understand our business and were able to make their own decisions based on their experience, quality judgement and their belief in what we did, rather than just follow restrictive guidelines dictated by Head Office.

Transferring to Handelsbanken was one of the best decisions we ever made. It is such a refreshing change to ring up our bank, have my voice recognized and talk to someone who understands our business just as much as we do! The level of customer service we receive from the branch team is absolutely unbeatable. It is reassuring and a true pleasure having them in our corner and I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Corporate Banking customer

"We had been dissatisfied with our previous bankers and we were recommended to Handelsbanken. After a brief meeting it was obvious that they were the people for us. Their fast, friendly approach, attention to detail, advice and accessibility is refreshing to say the least. We have now transferred the majority of our business banking to Handelsbanken and we are sure that they will manage all of our banking needs in the very near future. We would strongly recommend Handelsbanken to both business and private customers alike."

Corporate Banking customer

"Like other Handelsbanken customers, we were prompted to move our account by a series of mistakes by our previous bank, and a focus on selling us products rather than providing us with service.

We have never looked back; the first name culture, the direct access to speak with someone you know who is familiar with your affairs, and the friendly efficient support is a continuing breath of fresh air. More importantly, we have had proper professional advice and efficient and effective action that has made our money management easy and enabled us to really make our assets work for us, helping us to get our children on the housing ladder. And we have never seen a sales leaflet or 'financial product', just real personal banking from real bankers.

It's been pleasurable, profitable and reassuring all the way .... we are just not sure whether to tell everyone the good news, or to keep the secret to ourselves." 

Individual Banking customers

"Having initially approached Handelsbanken for a property related transaction which they helped me to complete successfully, I transferred all my banking arrangements to them, and have been a happy customer now for more than eight years. I appreciate fully what a traditional relationship bank, with a modern approach can do; Handelsbanken’s speed of response, quality of service and flexibility are really second to none. I can make contact with my banker either via email, telephone or arrange to meet over a coffee depending on my requirements."

Corporate Banking customer

"When we formed in 2006, we approached several banks looking for a simple and personal service to match our needs and requirements. Handelsbanken offered this exactly and have always been extremely approachable. It is very refreshing to make a call to your bank and immediately be able to speak to a real live human, who always offer a high level of service, care and attention. More importantly, actually be interested in resolving almost any banking issue, big or small, that may arise."

Corporate Banking customer

"We had been looking to change our business banking provider for some time and were recommended to speak to Handelsbanken by several of our professional advisors.

We were introduced to the local team who made the process of opening our account and switching our business banking so simple. It is a refreshing change to have our bank on our doorstep without the need to speak to call centres or faceless departments. The Middlesbrough team are always available to help and were happy to call out to the business in the early days to assist staff with using the internet banking system.

We have been delighted with the traditional and professional approach taken by Handelsbanken and are looking forward to a long term relationship with the bank."

Corporate Banking customer