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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"My wife and I took over the running of our family estate in 2016 and restructured the business from a sole trader to a partnership. The administrative upheaval at the time was huge but it was essential for the long term success of the estate. At the same time we reviewed our banking partners and we approached Handelsbanken with our proposal. From the outset they demonstrated a deep understanding of our position and our future ambitions. Advice was always on point and given with our best interests at the fore. 

The Northallerton team are incredibly insightful and proactive and are entirely reliable to deliver on time-frames. We have benefited enormously from their strategic counsel and ability to assess risk versus opportunity in our new business ventures and feel genuinely supported by the partnership. We are delighted to be working with Handelsbanken and could not recommend them more highly. "

Corporate Banking customer

"Changing to Handelsbanken for our business has been like 'a breath of fresh air', the customer service is superb, we are now treated as individuals and there is always a friendly and helpful voice on the phone when we need them. Handelsbanken have a good understanding of our business which has been vital for the financial running of the company. We would definitely recommend Handelsbanken to anyone who is looking to change their bank."

Corporate Banking customer

"Like many others, I moved to Handelsbanken through the intransigence of my existing bank. I had unusual personal circumstances which required a bespoke approach. This did not fit the boxes with my existing bank. Handelsbanken took a pragmatic look at my requirements and produced a solution quickly and efficiently. Since then the experience has only got better. 

The combination of good old fashioned customer service and a modern outlook, is both unusual and unbeatable. The personal relationship between the bank team and myself, results in benefits for both. Thus, the speed at which issues can be resolved, without undue trauma, is refreshing. The key is communication and trust. 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Handelsbanken to both private and business clients.” 

Individual Banking customer

"Handelsbanken Northallerton provide calm knowledgeable assessments of financial positions and a flexible approach to solutions using their highly experienced managers - not just a “Tick the Box” evaluation. 

They also provide a professional, friendly and supportive approach to administrative issues."

Corporate Banking customer

"How many times have you heard, “all banks are much of a muchness”? Well not Handelsbanken, they are quite unique. 

As a personal bank account holder, with one of the so called “big 6” high street banks, after 40 years with the same bank, I was conditioned to be well and truly just a number, a tick in the box, a member of the queue etc. 

I then discovered Handelsbanken and the latter is no more. I have returned to being an individual, who receives individual attention, is recognised and understood. I receive a fantastic service from this bank and can highly recommend them to anyone who needs a contactable bank. 

Say goodbye to “voice recognition” press key for options etc., join me and be proud to be a Handelsbanken account holder."

Individual Banking customer