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Refreshingly different banking

At Handelsbanken, we try to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering excellent service. The high level of decision-making autonomy we have here at the local branch is integral to the Handelsbanken culture and this, together with our focus on service, is what sets us apart from many of our competitors. 

If you like to find out more about our relationship-led banking service, please do contact us.

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What our customers say


''The team at Handelsbanken offer a service that sets them apart from other banks in terms of service quality and customer relations. The quality and the personal touch make any dealings with the bank effortless and deliver banking how it should be. Handelsbanken provide all the facilities of modern banking with a Private Banking service level.''

Individual Banking customer

''Having been let down by our long standing high street bankers, we sought advice from our financial consultant who recommended that we contact Handelsbanken. 

From our first point of contact, the future began to appear secure again. Although there were understandably many hoops to jump through, at every stage from initial discussions to finalization, we were guided by our own Account Manager who was quite happy to visit us at home as required. She listened to our needs, discussed our wishes, provided detailed information about what would be available to us and organised the setting up of our new arrangements efficiently and always with a smile. She quickly became a trusted authority with whom we could have a relaxed conversation. We now have both business and private banking arrangements in place, the transfers having been achieved with minimal disruption and very little effort on our part. 

As well as the wonderful personal service we have received from Handelsbanken since becoming their clients, it must be emphasized that, unlike with the high street banks, we have direct contact during business hours with named persons at our local branch. We have been introduced to all the personnel, each of whom is friendly, completely approachable and always ready to help, even with the most minor of concerns. Also, if a glitch is noticed on the account, we are contacted by telephone immediately by someone who we know is already familiar with our situation – no infuriating options, lengthy explanations or exasperating security checks needed. 

We could not be happier with Handelsbanken and look forward to a long, collaborative relationship.''  

Individual Banking customers