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Register for Individual Online Banking

If you are an existing customer and would like to sign up for Individual Online Banking please complete the registration form below and a member of our team will contact you

*Please specify the name of your local branch in the message field below*

* indicates required fields

Next steps

  1. We will contact you to confirm your Individual Online Banking request

    A member of our team will contact you shortly to confirm your request to register to Individual Online Banking. Once the details of your request have been confirmed we will send you everything you need to get online: a code envelope with a 12 digit registration code, a card reader and cable.
  2. Choose your PIN

    Use the two log-on codes to choose your PIN. Once you have done this, your log-on card will be sent to you via post.
    Choose PINOpens in a new window
  3. Install security software on your computer

    For your security, before you can use your card reader you need to install Handelsbanken’s security software, called BankID.
    Install BankID
  4. Log in

    Once you have received your log-on card in the post, you can log in to online banking and register for the mobile app.
    Log inOpens in a new window