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Handelsbanken is a full-service bank with a decentralised way of working, a strong local presence due to a nationwide network of over 200 branches and a long-term approach to customer relations

Handelsbanken completes transfer to UK subsidiary
Over the past months, Handelsbanken has been working to transfer its UK business into a new, wholly-owned subsidiary of its main Swedish company, Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ).

This transfer took effect on 1 December 2018, with Handelsbanken plc becoming a fully-authorised UK bank, replacing the existing UK branch. If you are a customer and you have further questions in relation to this transfer, your account manager is available to discuss these with you.

By establishing a wholly-owned UK subsidiary, we are strengthening our foundations for future growth, and showing our ongoing commitment to offering local relationship banking in communities across the UK.

You can find the court order relating to the transfer here
Handelsbanken's goal
  • Handelsbanken's goal is to have better profitability than the average of peer banks in its home markets.
  • The goal should be achieved by the bank having more satisfied customers and lower costs than its competitors.
Handelsbanken's strengths
  • For the past 46 years Handelsbanken has had higher profitability than the average for its competitors.
  • In Great Britain, Handelsbanken has been ranked top for customer satisfaction and loyalty for the last seven years. In Sweden, Handelsbanken has had the highest level of customer satisfaction since surveys started in 1989.
  • Handelsbanken is one of the most cost-effective listed full-service banks in Europe.
  • For a long time, Handelsbanken has had a lower loan loss ratio than its competitors.
Handelsbanken's corporate philosophy
  • A strongly decentralised organisation - the branch is the bank
  • The customer in focus - not individual products
  • Profitability is always given higher priority than volumes
  • A long-term perspective
  • Oktogonen - the bank's profit-sharing system

Founded in 1871, Handelsbanken is one of Sweden's leading banks with over 800 branches in more than 20 countries, and nearly 12,000 employees.

Handelsbanken commenced operations in Great Britain in 1982.

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