Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Due to new regulations, a global identification code has been introduced for trading in financial instruments
en näringslivsbilaga tidning med fond- och aktiekurser

Requirements for companies when trading financial instruments

All companies and other legal entities require a global identification code, referred to as a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), to be able to carry out transactions in MiFID financial instruments. You need to obtain an LEI for your company by registering with an LEI issuer.

How do I obtain and register an LEI:

  1. Select an authorised issuer of LEIs. You will find links to these below.
  2. Register your information on the issuer’s website.
  3. Pay the required registration fee. The price is shown on the LEI issuer’s website.
  4. You will receive an LEI code when the LEI issuer has approved you application and the registration fee has been paid.

Authorised Issuers of LEIs

You can apply for an LEI directly from an issuer or via an intermediary. The Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee (LEI ROC) has produced a list of approved issuers.Issuers approved by LEI ROC (Opens in a new window) Opens in a new window

Here are some frequently used intermediaries: 

Important information:

  • Allow plenty of time to obtain your LEI before trading.
  • Renew your LEI annually.