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Customer testimonials about Bradford

What our customers say about us.

Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

“I have a great relationship with Handelsbanken and over the last year I have transferred my personal and business banking to the branch. I have two dedicated managers, Andy and Paul, who understand my business and my personal situation and are quick to help and provide solutions.

Handelsbanken really is all about the customer and providing excellent service.” 

Alan Noble
Managing Director
Alan G Noble Painting Contractors Ltd

"Since developing a banking relationship with Handelsbanken in Bradford, we've found them and their Treasury team, to be helpful, proactive, and understanding of the needs of large organisations like ourselves. Being decentralised and local helps them deliver service quickly and simply."

Steve Higson
Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc

"We have banked with Handelsbanken since 2011 and throughout enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the whole team in Bradford. They have been both efficient and professional at all times providing the support required to meet our growth aspirations.

What we enjoy is being able to talk and formulate the best way forward and by using local professionals make things happen. We have achieved so much in three years but it doesn’t stop here as there is so much more we can achieve and are confident that with Handelsbanken, we will do just that.

They have enabled our business to succeed and we would recommend their local, experienced and tailored offering if you too would like to be another of their success stories!"

Mozafar Gorji & Zara Daneshyar
Browntree Properties Ltd

"A refreshing change. When we decided we needed to change our business bank I looked at all the usual high street alternatives, the only problem was, when it came down to it, they were not alternatives, they all offered the same off the shelf `financial products` as the others. 

On the recommendation of our accountants I talked to Handelsbanken, whom, I might add I had never heard of, and what a difference! They asked how our business worked and came up with a tailor made solution that for us is perfect AND cost effective (we are in Yorkshire after all). The level of support we enjoy is a breath of fresh air compared to what we had; you get good old fashioned customer service where you feel the bank is working in your interests as well as their own. Am I happy with my bank? A resounding yes!" 

Charlie Jagger
Ducati Leeds, Triumph West Yorkshire
Cobb & Jagger Limited 

"We have found Handelsbanken's traditional approach to banking to be exactly what our business needs. The hands-on personal approach of the bank and the team at the Bradford Branch including Steve and Denise, has given us the support we needed when we needed it and the flexibility and fast decision making that has allowed us to grow significantly in 2013. We have also found that the small client list of our branch allows them to take an almost personal interest in our banking which, in turn, allows us to concentrate on our business, rather than paperwork. 

By always talking to the same people AND by being able to work together, we have found that we feel supported by a strong bank that is actually interested in us." 

Edward Marshall
Frank Marshall Estates Ltd & Century Homes Ltd 

"It is so refreshing to deal with individuals who take time to get to know you and understand your circumstances. The team at Bradford were intrinsic to the purchase of our family home, which would not have been possible without their ability to see the bigger picture. Handelsbanken do not have "off the shelf" products, instead they tailored their services to our individual requirements. This is very refreshing in today's world. It is evident that Handelsbanken take a long term approach and focus on service."

Pritpal & Christiane Singh
Premium Restaurant Services Limited

"I approached Handelsbanken with regard to the purchase of a holiday property in Portugal. Following an initial meeting, an offer followed quickly as the decision was made by the branch. I have been really impressed by their flexibility and responsiveness throughout the process. There aren't any of the usual gimmicks that you get with some banks, just excellent, uncomplicated service."

Managing Director
Standard Wool UK Limited 

"I have a great relationship with Handelsbanken in Bradford and have done business with them personally during the past few years. I have a dedicated account manager, Paul Fraser; his help, expertise, excellent service and proactive approach, has been invaluable in growing my property portfolio. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends, colleagues and contacts where appropriate." 

S.K., Bradford

“Here at C&C Hydraulics we cannot speak highly enough about the staff and service we receive from Handelsbanken Bradford. Because they understand our business, they can offer a service that our business actually needs, they are not driven by sales targets. 

Our queries are always dealt with quickly and efficiently, nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. If I have a problem I pick up the phone and speak to my relationship manager and he and the team deal with it for me without me being passed from pillar to post. 

Key Word: Relationship! We actually have a relationship with our bank!”

Lorraine Couch
C&C Hydraulics Ltd