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Customer testimonials about Bromsgrove

What our customers say about us.

Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"We contacted Handelsbanken due to frustration with other Banks being unable to provide a personal service and understand our businesses.

Meeting with Bromsgrove branch was a real breath of fresh air. They understood our income and quickly confirmed how they could help us expand our business and reduce borrowing costs. The transfer of our personal and business accounts to Handelsbanken went extremely well.

We recommend Handelsbanken time and time again when we hear of friends’ frustrations with their banks.  The speed they are able to respond to our requests is remarkable and everyone is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable." 

Adrian and Clare Pickersgill 
ACP Ventures Limited 

"I was advised Handelsbanken may be able to offer me the help and guidance needed to set up a property investment company, and I soon realised their expertise would be invaluable to me. Decisions were made quickly and the process professionally explained. Because of this fantastic experience I moved all personal banking to Handelsbanken who made the transfer process smooth and effortless.

I found no faults in the customer service, and decisions on the business finances were made at a very professional and personal level. 

I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with the excellent staff at Handelsbanken."

Stuart Butler Director 
Butler Property Investments Limited 

"We decided to move our banking to Handelsbanken because of the quality of the people, processes and approach to us as individuals; and we can honestly say that the process couldn’t have been easier.

 In the next 10 years our requirements will change and we are confident Handelsbanken will respond with support and flexibility.

Handelsbanken has the ability to react to our individual needs by having the authority to make decisions.  Having personal contacts and being able to email those contacts is of overwhelming benefit. 

 We never again want to speak to a call centre!"

Richard & Sharon Hull 
Thomas Horton LLP Solicitors

"Whilst in the market for a mortgage, a friend told me Handelsbanken provided excellent 1 to 1 services and treated customers in the highest regard, unlike other high street lenders. 

Contacting the team at Bromsgrove was the best decision I ever made! For me, the personal nature of Handelsbanken stands out; the 1 to 1 dealings have made banking with the Bromsgrove team effortless.

As a result of my experience, I am currently in the process of moving all my personal banking to Handelsbanken, with a view to doing the same on the business side."

Mr M C    
Individual Banking Customer

"Dissatisfied with our high-street bank and having worked with Handelsbanken through our company, we thought that personal banking would make sense too. 

Given how easy it was to move and how flexible Handelsbanken was with our situation, there was really nothing to stop us. Our requirements and needs had been pre-thought out which saved a lot of time, and everyone is always ready to go the extra mile and reduce any inconvenience. 

Everyone at Handelsbanken is both friendly and professional. The Bank’s model provides genuine customer care and direct personal contact with people who actually know their clients." 

Mr J & Mrs I B
Individual Banking Customers

"I understand that the Handelsbanken local managers are able to make decisions themselves, which certainly was the case with us.

Changing mortgages is a fairly complex process, but the process went smoothly and efficiently, with our personal mortgage specialist overseeing everything in a most pleasant and helpful manner.  We felt as if the solution to our problem was important to the bank.  

My wife and I have recommended Handelsbanken to our friends because we have found their staff to be extraordinarily helpful, courteous and efficient in every way."

Paul and Gail Levick 
Silver Surgical Limited