Local relationship banking

At Handelsbanken Chatham relationship banking is at the heart of everything we do. You deal with people you know by name and decisions are made locally at the branch. Our experienced team provide bespoke banking solutions, tailored to your specific requirements, for both personal and business customers.  Please contact us if you’d like to know more about our approach to banking and how we could help you.

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Suite 5, 2nd Floor North, Fitted Rigging House, The Historic Dockyard
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What our customers say


"Echoing the sentiment of other testimonials, we had previously banked with two of the ‘big four’ high street banks. As the business grew, we became increasingly aware that our banking facility was not the robust, supportive relationship we required to assist the company’s growth. 

"Word of mouth lead us to contact Handelsbanken and the differences couldn’t be more stark. The two key differences for us are firstly, the approachability of all at Handelsbanken Chatham – regardless as to who answers the call, they know you (and you know them), your business and your circumstances – you can get straight to the point of your query. Secondly, there is a genuine understanding of your business, business in general and what you want to achieve. You are offered considered scenarios to assist you rather than ‘off the peg’ financial products which tend to be ‘one size fits all’. 

"Handelsbanken Chatham do not make promises that they cannot deliver. Sincerely, Handelsbanken Chatham offer a really supportive and knowledgeable banking facility to support our business operations."

Corporate Banking customer

"We moved banking to Handelsbanken, primarily to arrange the funding of a building we wanted to buy. Our Branch Manager said the main selling point of their offering was the service, being a personal relationship along with ease of contact. 

"At the time we felt the contact we had with our previous banking provider was ok; we didn’t need to have a personal relationship, as our banking needs were quite basic. However, since moving to Handelsbanken, all I can say is that the Handelsbanken approach is like night and day in comparison to the high street banks.

"We know all the staff in our branch by name and they know my team. Our banking needs remain the same, as they did for all those years, but we now have a great relationship with the Chatham team and we speak to them on a continual basis. 

"As a banking team they are very helpful and responsive to our requirements/needs, nothing is too much trouble. Even when we had an issue with our bank account in New York, the Handelsbanken team in Chatham were unbelievable in their help. They went well above and beyond to open us a bank account with Handelsbanken New York, based entirely on our UK relationship. 

"The team have far exceeded our expectations and set new standards in business banking. Their efforts so far exceed the service we have ever received from any other bank that we have utilised across the world." 

Corporate Banking customer