Built on customer satisfaction 

Handelsbanken is a bank that puts customer satisfaction first. We invest time to get to know our customers, and aim to provide the best service we can; giving sound advice, taking sensible decisions in the branch and creating unique solutions to match our customers’ needs. If you’d like to find out how we could help you, give us a call or email us.


The Octagon, 27 Middleborough
Opening hours
Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
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A word from the Branch Manager, Russell


"Here at Colchester branch,  we place customer satisfaction as the most important factor within everything we offer. 

Strong and lasting customer relationships, low-risk tolerance and cost-awareness are all cornerstones of Handelsbanken's culture. This kind of sustainable thinking has been integrated in how we do business for so long that it has become natural to us. 

As a team, we invest time to get to know you and aim to provide excellent service, making sensible decisions at the branch to match your needs. 

Operating within the CO postcode area since 2010, we have been delighted to support the local community with fund raising for Essex Ambulance and St Helena Hospice. We look forward to supporting our growing customer base and welcoming new customers to join us. If you'd like to find out how we could help you, give us a call or email us."

What our customers say


"As very long-term clients of another bank with over 40 years of loyalty, we hesitated for over two years on whether to switch to Handelsbanken Colchester. For us this was a big decision. Looking back now, we shouldn’t have hesitated for a single moment as Handelsbanken has exceeded all our expectations. It is so refreshing working with local people that are not only interested in our activities but also empowered to make a decision when required. A real relationship bank."

Corporate Banking customer

"My wife just called to say that we have now completed. Whilst we don’t have the excitement involved when you pick up the keys to a new house, it is great to have the opportunity now to manage our assets in an orderly fashion over the coming years. I appreciate the circumstances of this transaction were relatively unusual and I really appreciate the trouble you took to get you heads around the scenario, look at the bigger picture and come up with a tailored solution. I could not have asked for more.

"Anyway, I would just like to thank you and your support team for putting in the effort over many months to make this transaction possible."

Individual Banking customer


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Fraud and security

Find out how we work to keep your transactions secure, along with useful advice about how to protect yourself and be aware of fraud.