Customer testimonials about Edinburgh Charlotte Square

What our customers say about us.
en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

“We were looking to improve on past experiences of banking.

As a small business our banking needs are straightforward and we were looking for a high level of service and customer care and knowledge. This was essential as these criteria mirror our approach to our customers. Handelsbanken provide us with the service and customer care that we were looking for and 2 years on we look forward to continuing to bank with them long term.  

In summary Handelsbanken provide for us what our old bank didn’t."

Andrew McColl, Director, Edel 

"It is always with some trepidation that you change banks, but since we moved to Handelsbanken we have been delighted with the quality of service and responsiveness." 

Graham Campbell, Edinburgh

“Working with Handelsbanken has been a breath of fresh air for my business. Handelsbanken’s relationship focused approach to working with customers means that they build a deep understanding of what their customers needs are. This allow for meaningful relationship based banking that adds real value to my business.”

Lewis Dawson, Managing Director, Bookspeed

The Handelsbanken ethos is the antithesis of the automated, call-centre led approach favoured by so many of the larger banks. Instead Handelsbanken presents a human face, with real people who not only remember your name, but provide a level of personal attention that one would normally associate with only the most exclusive private banks. I have banked with the Edinburgh branch for nearly ten years and in that time have enjoyed a level of care and courtesy that has all but vanished from the personal banking sector. I heartily recommend them. 

Richard Ingleby, Edinburgh

We joined Handelsbanken as corporate banking customers in 2019. I use the word ‘joined’ deliberately. We no longer feel like banking ‘customers’. Instead there is a group of responsive, friendly individuals who understand what makes us tick and provide a high level of service and support that enables us to get on the with business of doing business.   

Sarah Mathieson, Managing Director, Fleming Homes

‘Having recently moved our business banking affairs to Handelsbanken we are delighted with the quality of service we have received. It is refreshing to be able to deal with a real person, who is easily contactable and available to look after our account.’

Alan Robertson, Director, Struan Property Limited

“ My family and I have been happy customers with Handelsbanken for a number of years, having switched over from Lloyds TSB and other high street banking. 

They are an extremely helpful team, who always go above and beyond to cater to my individual banking needs. It is easy to build up a personal relationship with management, and contact them whenever I need to. They are always available to hear from myself, are flexible and happy to help in any way that they can.” 

Majid Valiani, Edinburgh