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Customer testimonials about Glasgow City

What our customers say about us.
en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

When we needed to expand our growing business, Handelsbanken was there to assist us all the way. Our business wouldn't be the success it is today without Handelsbanken's confidence in our business and its future. We appreciate that the Bank understands our financial needs and that they are dependable, efficient and committed to our success.

Mr Rasul
The Rasul Group

"I have managed my business for over 30 years and during that time we have worked with most of the high street banks and some that are no longer with us. I have no hesitation in saying that the best service I have received is the one that we are enjoying with Handelsbanken at Glasgow City branch. The personal and conscientious approach that Handelsbanken give to their customers harks back to another time and is a lesson that many banks could learn from."

Alexander Haig, Director, Speyroc Limited

"We are sitting here reminiscing about all we’ve achieved in the last two years – and how important Handelsbanken was in all of this. No other financial institution was interested in providing a loan facility as I was already over the age of 70. A mortgage broker failed to get any offers and our former bankers just didn’t want to know!

I well remember my first phone call with Don when he said that age was not a barrier – it was music to my ears. All subsequent meetings were pleasantly business-like and the best bit of all is that we both know that we can lift a phone and call directly at any time. It’s like banking when I left school.

Over the last couple of years we’ve downsized and now have two bungalows – one on the mainland and one newly built here on Tiree. Without the cooperation of Handelsbanken we could not have done this and we’re both exceedingly happy.

We don’t know if the Swedes have an expression resembling “lang may yer lum reek” but that seems a fitting way to end as we hope that Handelsbanken will thrive and maintain all the good things that so clearly differentiate it from its UK competitors."

Mr and Mrs DP, Individual Banking Customers

"We have experienced a significant difference since we switched to Handelsbanken in 2015, both in terms of service and product flexibility. Unlike our previous bank, Handelsbanken understand the value of a personal relationship and follow it through in everything they do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others looking for a similar service."  

Individual Banking Customer, Glasgow

"I have been a corporate customer of Handelsbanken for six years and have always enjoyed a very good relationship with everyone at the branch. The service is personal and professional, not something you can say about the so-called high street banks anymore. Everybody is helpful and very approachable.

I find it reassuring that whenever I call the branch I know who I’m speaking with and know that my request will be dealt with by someone locally. I am delighted to recommend Handelsbanken as a great bank to do business with in an efficient and hassle-free way. Banking the way it should be." 

Douglas Milton, Director
Blossom Investments Ltd