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Customer testimonials about Harrogate

What our customers say about us.

Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"Banking with Handelsbanken is worth it's weight in gold, both personal and business. There is no other bank like it."

Garry Cuthbert, Director
Reef Business Systems

"Westcourt Group has been banking with Handelsbanken now for over 10 years and we would hope this may continue happily for many more years to come. Unlike lots of banks Handelsbanken have a genuine personal touch with customers. They are available on the phone directly , without the need to go through a long automated process to speak with an actual human being! They focus on understanding their client and adapting to their needs rather than the other way around. 

Handelsbanken have remained very competitive in the commercial property market throughout this last decade and they have been a great help to us as we have invested further into this sector. Dealing with them has always been an open-dialogue and because they focus on the specific customer/business rather than having a formulaic computerised approach to lending we have been able to secure tailor-made facilities that have allowed us to compete in the market to secure assets that we have targeted. 

I would happily recommend Handelsbanken."

Timothy Hodgson, Managing Director  
Westcourt Group Ltd