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en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"Since I have moved my banking to Handelsbanken, ‘my banking life’ has become a pleasure. It’s such a joy and so important to me to speak to a real person rather than a machine offering ‘press button’ options. Well done Handelsbanken for offering a real relationship banking experience, this is how it should be. So glad I’ve made the move."

Individual Baking customer

"At Handelsbanken I can always ring up and speak to my account manager or another member of the team. The staff are pleasant and extremely professional, particularly my personal banker. As a non tech savvy retired farmer my account manager even came to my home to help set me up on online banking.

Recently I had two large transactions that I needed to execute urgently. So I visited the branch and worked with my account manager who was excellent, I was impressed with her knowledge and service.

Handelsbanken are friendly, helpful and have been incredibly patient with the process of getting me set-up. I found the advice given helpful and am thankful for sorting things out for me. They too are friendly and supportive. I am so pleased to be a customer of Handelsbanken. I can highly recommend them."

Individual Baking customer