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At Handelsbanken, we try to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering excellent service. The high level of decision-making autonomy we have here at the local branch is integral to the Handelsbanken culture and this, together with our focus on service, is what sets us apart from many of our competitors.
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First Floor, Camas House, Fairways Business Park
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What our customers say


"I wanted to say how delighted I am that our refinancing has been completed. This is without doubt the most painless deal I have ever been involved in. Your ability to take a view on issues and make local decisions is remarkable and appears to be almost unheard of in today's world. Our lawyers were also very impressed with your approach and their comments were most encouraging. 

Moving to Handelsbanken has definitely been the right decision for me given your appetite to support businesses. As we enter a New Year I find myself with a spring in my step and a strong confidence in our plans knowing you will be there to support us moving forward. I can only thank you once again for making this such a pleasant and painless process." 

Corporate Banking customer

“After getting fed up of going around the houses with our normal bank and other high street banks, in order to get a suitable finance package sorted out for our existing business, we decided to go and talk to Handelsbanken about our business proposition. 

They immediately grasped our concept and our plans, and within 24 hours we realised they were the bank we wanted to be dealing with. They were helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly were very approachable. It was great to have one dedicated bank manager who could deal with everything and could make the important decisions quickly.

We look forward to many years of a great new business relationship."

Corporate Banking customer


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Fraud and security

Find out how we work to keep your transactions secure, along with useful advice about how to protect yourself and be aware of fraud.