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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"Moving my account to Handelsbanken after 30 years with one of the major high street banks couldn’t have been easier. It all happened quickly and efficiently.

"I cannot emphasis enough what a delight it is to be able to contact the same person in your branch when you have something to discuss, rather than waiting for someone in a call centre in another part of the world, to pick up the phone and to try and assist you."

Individual Banking customer

"We were recommended to contact Handelsbanken after being disappointed by many features of our current bankers. From our initial contact, the team in Ipswich has given us an extremely high standard of help, advice and service. We have been very impressed by the personal nature of Handelsbanken, with it's traditional approach of communication which is sadly missing in today's banking. 

"It is very nice to know that business and banking can still be a personal process when the customer is a person rather than a number."

Individual Banking Customer

"We switched to Handelsbanken in July 2017 as part of our restructure. 

"We have found their service to be excellent. As a busy firm, our needs are quite varied and complex and it’s great to have a local decision-making team dealing with them." 

Corporate Banking customer

"We are in the process of completing a new build thanks to Handelsbanken.

We found it difficult to secure a self build mortgage with many other banks due to a conditional tie. We were recommended to Handelsbanken by another couple who had been in a similar position.

The team have been amazing throughout, during our meetings we felt that they wanted to understand our situation and financial need to achieve our dream home. Our Account Manager has visited the site and has seen the house in construction.

It has been reassuring to know that the branch are only a phone call away during the times that we have needed to contact them.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Handelsbanken to others, and we feel that we have gained a bank which offers us the personal touch which is seldom found in today’s modern world."

Individual Banking customer

"A number of my corporate associates banked with Handelsbanken, and as soon as I heard that a local branch was opening in Ipswich I had no hesitation in opening an account.

"It's great to be with one of the worlds financially strongest banks, and one that is both traditional and ethical."

Individual Banking customer 

"When my regular bank said that "they could no longer help with my mortgage requirements on this occasion", I decided to talk to Handelsbanken, as in my professional life I had always found them straightforward and pleasant to deal with.

"From our first meeting, the team had a "can do" attitude and they were happy to help achieve what others could not, and they delivered as promised. Along the way, we were supported tremendously by the team. Always there to help with a smile and happy to explain things more than once when necessary. I am certain that her attention to detail, good communication and efficiency is the reason that we hit all of the target dates. 

"We are grateful to all of the team at Handelsbanken Ipswich." 

Corporate & Individual Banking customer

"Recognising the bigger picture of a customer's individual needs when they do not tick all of the boxes is something that most banks have long forgotten. With this in mind, the truly personalised banking approach provided by Handelsbanken was such a breath of fresh air as they took time to listen to and understand my circumstances to help me find a solution.

"Combining this refreshing approach with excellent customer service, a friendly voice I know at the end of the phone, or a familiar face in the local branch makes me now feel like a valued customer rather than just an account number as with other banks."

Individual Banking customer

"We approached Handelsbanken for a mortgage earlier this year when we wanted to buy a house which required considerable renovation. 

We couldn't have been luckier with the service we received.

Our banker was brilliant. She listened to our requirements so well, and the mortgage the bank offered was straightforward, despite our needs being quite complex. The process of achieving it was made seamless thanks to a very understanding and efficient lady. 

Thank you, Handelsbanken". 

Individual Banking customers

"The process of changing over was simple and straightforward, no problems at all.

"It is now a pleasure to have friendly and efficient people working with you and not against you, so glad we did this."

Individual Banking Customer

"Handelsbanken took over our core property portfolio lending approximately 18 months ago. This move has been a breath of ‘fresh air’. 

"The branch in Ipswich is relatively small, and one soon gets to know everyone, and they in turn quickly get to know you. One of the greatest advantages is that one gets an opinion as to what is feasible straight away and they are very helpful in anticipating future needs. The branch seems to be quite autonomous and decisions are made quickly.

"I have recently completed a transaction acquiring a local commercial property. The whole deal was not necessarily complicated, but needed to be completed in a short time frame. Little seemed to perturb the team who put in an enormous amount of effort to meet the deadline.

Our banking is split very much between personal and corporate for our group of companies and it gives us a great deal of confidence to know that everyone at the branch knows us and how we run our business, and is always prepared to take things forward in a positive way.

"It is perhaps strange to say that this is ‘old fashioned banking’ at its best."

Corporate and Individual Banking customer

"I have now had first hand experience of dealing with Handelsbanken on the mortgage for our new home. 

The situation was far from straightforward, but the approach of the Ipswich team made it possible when I thought it may well not be.

It has been a pleasure to have their help, and I can thoroughly recommend the bank."

Individual Banking customer

"Moving my account to Handelsbanken after 30 years with one of the major high street banks couldn’t have been easier. It all happened quickly and efficiently.

"I cannot emphasis enough what a delight it is to be able to contact the same person in your branch when you have something to discuss, rather than waiting for someone in a call centre in another part of the world to pick up the phone and to try and assist you."

Individual Banking customer

"In reviewing my banking arrangements I was looking for a relationship I could rely on; one in which my aspirations were supported for the long term.

"I knew that this was hard to do with distant credit committees and executives at the end of a long management chain. From my initial contact with the Ipswich team, I found them to be reassuringly normal (which I think is a good thing in a banker).

"Since then they have continued to provide a high standard of supportive service, doing what they say they would and when they would. They understand that when opportunities arise the business priority may change and this discretion is enabling our business to grow and for further investments to be planned with confidence."

Corporate Banking customer

"Further to a recommendation, I approached Handelsbanken Ipswich to inquire about obtaining a mortgage.

"From my initial meeting with the team, both their clarity in what was required and extreme efficiency in how that information was processed, left me feeling confident that I would not be overstretched in terms of repayments. It was clear that all due diligence had been adhered to, leaving me with a credible mortgage offer.

"The ensuing account switch was effortless and communication maintained to both reassure me and answer any questions I had was perfect.

"I have no doubts that this is going to be a very good working relationship where both parties respect the other in equal measure. Great people too. Thank you." 

Individual Banking customer

"Having been introduced to Handelsbanken a year or so ago, it’s been a pleasure to work with them during this period. It’s like banking use to be, dealing with people that understand our business needs and genuinely trying to help us succeed.

"A frustration with previous business banking had been the time taken to get decisions, constant need for referral, and deferment as to whether we could proceed with a ‘deal’ for example. A quick call and discussion to Handelsbanken, and we knew whether we were on or not.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other small businesses, and have in fact done this in recent weeks on a couple of occasions."

Corporate Banking customer

"We were looking to partner with a bank who would be supportive, easy to work with and who clearly understood and valued our business. Handelsbanken clearly demonstrated their support from the beginning, enabling growth and investment to take place with confidence.

"The team have been a pleasure to work with, taking an interest in the business, understanding our unique challenges and then providing much valued flexibility.

"It has been a refreshing cultural change to the way business banking had become."

Corporate Banking customer

"We moved our relationship to Handelsbanken six months ago because we were offered exactly the type of finance we need. 

"We very much felt Handelsbanken was keen to understand what would help us. We also have other facilities with Handelsbanken which precisely support our requirements. It has been easy to use these as needed.

"Although Handelsbanken is a successful global bank, I sense it is also very local as its management makes quick decisions, understands our industry in this part of the country and is very accessible.

"As a strong believer in relationship banking I am extremely encouraged by our experience with Handelsbanken and I am confident it will fulfil our hopes in the coming years."

Corporate Banking customer