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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"After our previous bankers closed their business centre, we wanted to find a local bank that understood our needs and who would respond quickly with locally based decision making. 

"In this respect we are delighted to have found Handelsbanken Leamington Spa, who offer true relationship banking. We have direct access to named officials ensuring a personal, friendly and efficient service on every occasion".

Corporate Banking customer

"Following a decision to move banking facilities, we went to the market to see what was available. A number of people we spoke to already banked with Handelsbanken and all spoke very positively of them.

"As an SME the appeal for us was the personable and local facility, a single point of contact and a pragmatic approach to understanding our business. Handelsbanken demonstrated this with ease and stood out from their high street corporate competitors.

"The transition was smooth and we continue to enjoy a good working relationship."

Corporate Banking customer

"When I made the decision as a small company owner to change our banking services, it was because I was disillusioned with the impersonal service I was being offered by our high street bank. It was obvious that the bank had no interest in our business at all.

"Everything I read about Handelsbanken seemed to suggest that we would instead develop a personal relationship with our bank and that everything would be handled by them, without the need for centralised computer decision making.

"I am delighted to say that almost two years later, that is exactly the relationship we have with Handelsbanken Leamington Spa. Andy and the team have taken an active interest in our business and we are comfortable to discuss any financial matters arising, whether easy or difficult conversations. Indeed, we consider involving the bank in some of our strategy and planning, because it makes sense.

"It is exactly the personal relationship we were looking for, and in addition to being able to solve pretty much anything with a simple call to the branch, we have the added advantage of meeting regularly at local networking events.

When I first made the decision to switch, which incidentally was easy, our finance officer was less than keen. He is now, like me, very happy that we made the change and also like me, happy to recommend Handelsbanken to other companies."

Corporate Banking customer