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Customer testimonials

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"We have been customers of Handelsbanken for over 15 years. The service we receive is a different class from any other banks/financial organisations we deal with. Speed of service is faultless they never miss a deadline, our account admin and handling is prompt, accurate, efficient, personal and customer focused. 

We are always able to speak to an appropriate bank manager/personnel who are able to resolve any issue we might have in a friendly and efficient manner. It’s rare I’m able to say this but the service we receive is very hard to fault … 5 star in every aspect! "

Corporate Banking customer

“Handelsbanken have helped me immensely with my business. They are the only bank I know of where I can pick up the phone and get straight through to an my account manager who can help - no switch boards, and no “computer says”- My account manager has a great understanding and knowledge of everything that is going on with the business. I wish there were more banks like this!”

Individual Banking customer

“We are a family property business trading since the early 80s. During this time we have had relationships with many lenders. Dealing with Handelsbanken has been a fruitful and refreshing experience when most banks have removed most of the personal interaction with their customers, this has been the opposite with yourselves.

Having Handelsbanken behind us has enabled our existing and new businesses to grow partnered by a local bank with managers who really understand what we are trying to achieve.”

Corporate Banking customer

"Handelsbanken have been our banking partners for over 10 years now and we find Handelsbanken to be a very receptive and willing lender, taking a pragmatic, commercial approach to property funding. The unique aspect of Handelsbanken’s service is undoubtedly the wonderful service that is provided by the business managers and the rest of the team, they are always on hand to deal with even the most mundane of queries.  Handelsbanken really are a fantastic bank with unrivalled service."
Corporate Banking customer

"Excellent service, sound advice, solid banking and just good to deal with.

I have been a customer of Handelsbanken for approximately 10 years now and have grown my property business with and through them. I find the quick, responsive, personal service to be very helpful and in many cases critical in securing a property or project. I believe the customer model Handelsbanken uses is right for me and my business, as I value face to face time and the flexibility and ‘open mind’ that Handelsbanken staff have. I am grateful to all the staff at Leeds Lawnswood Branch who have supported us in growing our portfolio and look forward to working with them in the future.''

Corporate Banking customer

"We have been pleased customers of Handelsbanken from the early days of when they first launched their Leeds branch. 

We started our time with Handelsbanken 10 years ago; the branch has never failed to support us. Their service levels have exceeded our expectations; responsive and easily contactable whenever needed. As we are continuing to invest in property, they are accommodating in meeting us face to face about funding needs. Their guidance has been vital in our company’s development.   

Handelsbanken itself is a company which we respect; they offer the most competitive fees in comparison to other lenders. We have built a trustworthy relationship with the bank and they are always a pleasure to work with. We could not recommend their service highly enough."

Corporate Banking customer

''We have been with Handelsbanken many years, since opening their office in Leeds and when there was only four employees. Our service has to date been impeccable. 

Throughout the banking crisis and since we have been given a professional personal service. 

Although Handelsbanken has grown over recent years, they have still kept to the basics and never decreased their care and attention to us. Long may this continue.'' 

Corporate Banking customer

"We have been banking with Handelsbanken for a number of years now and can honestly say that their attitude to their customers is a breath of fresh air. Handelsbanken have a really positive and sensible approach to lending and are always open to providing support for the right project. In addition their customer service is absolutely fantastic, every member of staff is always on hand to help and they are always so approachable, nothing is ever too much trouble for my account manager or the team." 

Corporate Banking customer