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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"We have been with Handelsbanken for over 20 years now and I wouldn’t swap them for any high street bank, not now, not ever. Every time I hear of anyone complaining about their bank not understanding them, not giving a personal service, being let down, being stuck in a call centre and going round and round in circles I always try and tell them about the quality and personal service we get from Handelsbanken. “Are you on commission?” they say but I really don’t think anyone does get it till you have been with them for as long as we have. Everything is so seamless it’s like having them in the next office. One call, one email, the same friendly voices and it’s all sorted. It’s how it should be!! 

About 10 years ago we were forced to change banks following a group directive but thankfully we managed to get back to them as quick as we possibly could. Handelsbanken even helped us transfer away from them and then back again 11 months later! I’m not on commission but you will know what I am talking about if they were your business bank."

Corporate Banking customer

“I had been aware of the team at Handelsbanken for many years and made the decision to move my business two years ago. Since then, they have taken the time to really get to know my business and demonstrated a desire to develop our relationship further. As a customer, I feel I am dealing with local people who understand the local market - to sum up, it’s old fashioned banking.”

Individual Banking customer