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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"I’m always very cautious about recommending any experience I’ve had to others, as we all have different expectation. Quite surprisingly, I now find myself nailing my colours firmly and openly to the mast with people, not about a restaurant or a holiday destination, but a bank!!!

"While we have a great business, it is in a sector that has been unfashionable with lenders for a number of years. When the time came to refinance from our original Venture Capital investors, Handelsbanken stood head and shoulders above the established crop of banks, who, with their legacy issues and central lending controls, simply could not compete with the local knowledge and personal service that is the hallmark of my Handelsbanken branch.

"It’s reassuring to be at the start of a business relationship with a bank which actually cares as much for its customers, as we do for ours. 

If there was a banking Tripadvisor, I’d be giving five stars."

Corporate Banking customer

"After becoming very disillusioned with the way my existing bank had dealt with our facilities at the beginning of the recession, I met with our local Handelsbanken branch and the difference was like night and day.

"They went out of their way to help us move all our loans and daily banking over to their branch. If there are any problems you just pick up the phone and whoever answers deals with your query and more importantly knows personally who you are. 

"Quite recently, we were offered a large prominent local property by a London based vendor who required quick completion. My dedicated Account Manager worked long hours to put the deal together quickly, liaising with our lawyers to ensure the smooth purchase of our latest acquisition.

"I would thoroughly recommend the Handelsbanken Lincoln as the go to place for quality business banking, a team that will help and guide you to a successful outcome for your business, whatever you may need.

"Indeed I now regard my Account Manager and his colleagues as virtual members of my company and a very valuable part of my team."

Corporate Banking customer

"Handelsbanken have provided invaluable support to our business since 2013, during the renovation of several historic buildings in the City of Lincoln. 

Their open-minded and objective approach to heritage development projects has proved a key in the success of this partnership and we look forward to working closely with the bank in the future."

Corporate Banking customer

"As a relatively new customer to Handelsbanken, I was impressed with the level of personal care, speed and professionalism. 

"Despite my complicated financial arrangements there was a “no fuss no bother” attitude to my situation taken and problems were resolved. 

Thank you."

Individual Banking customer

''I just want to thank you for organising my mortgage - it was entirely down to your drive, efficiency and determination to get it through, and I am most grateful for what you did to ensure success. The personal touch and interaction was a great way of doing it.''

Individual Banking customer