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Customer testimonials

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"We moved to Handelsbanken after some very frustrating experiences with our previous bank, and have been consistently impressed with the quality of the customer service at Handelsbanken in Milton Keynes. It’s so refreshing to be able to deal personally with a consistent team, and there is always someone available to help with issues or queries. The response to emails and calls is always very prompt, and a member of the support team has come over in person to meet new members of the finance team in order to set up their access to banking. 

We particularly applaud the effort made to understand our sector and the plans for our business. The Deputy Branch Manager’s understanding of the seasonal influences on our cashflow was very helpful when we were faced with a short-term problem, and the reassurance that critical salary payments would be made was very much appreciated. It is a world apart from the impersonal ‘computer says no’ approach of far too many banks."

Corporate Banking customer

"My wife and I were first introduced to Handelsbanken when looking for a mortgage a few years ago, after getting to know them we then decided to move our day to day banking to them. 

All communication was either face to face, or over the phone with my dedicated Account Manager. She gave me some excellent advice and recommended a cash pool account which works very well for us, the transition from our existing bank was managed by them and went very smoothly. 

We had been with our previous bank for 20 years or so, but over that time felt that the service had declined, we had no real contact with them, and that trying to sell new products and services was always their priority. 

The move to Handelsbanken has been refreshing, we have easy access to all our accounts through a simple web page and app that does not try and sell you insurance whenever you log in. 

We now feel that we are with the right Bank to support us with our various requirements, safe in the knowledge that this will be done in person and with people that we know and trust. 

I would certainly recommend Handelsbanken."

Individual Banking customer 

"I joined Handelsbanken during 2015. My business had been with one of the main High Street banks, I had not had contact with a bank manager for over two years even though I was notified whenever I was allocated a new one. 

"The difference at Handelsbanken is the personal contact and the speed that requests are actioned. When I phone the Bank it's a familiar, friendly voice that answers, not someone I don't know in a remote call centre. 

"Handelsbanken offers a service equal to some of the Private London banks that only deal with High Net Worth clients."

Corporate Banking customer

"We had to find an alternative lender for a commercial property loan, after our bank of fifteen years advised us that they were no longer seeking to lend funds at the level we had borrowed. 

"We looked at several lenders, but based upon a recommendation from a business contact, spoke to the team at Handelsbanken in Milton Keynes. 

"The whole process went very smoothly and the bank staff were both extremely professional and personable in the way they dealt with our application. They were genuinely interested in our business and the properties. 

"Since the loan has been secured we have continued with the close relationship with the bank team and are very impressed with them. We have no regrets at having made the switch."

Corporate Banking customer

"We were looking to refinance the company as part of a restructure and I was pointed in the direction of Handelsbanken in Milton Keynes.

"It was a great experience from the first meeting with the team who made everything happen without any problems. Every time I needed to call with a question I got to speak to the team who just said "yes no problem." It is a refreshing return to clear honest responses from a bank that treats you like a customer.

"I recently needed to open an account for a new company, I called them from the car, arranged a meeting later that day and walked out with an account in place! I was very impressed and look forward to a long-term relationship with them and would recommend this Handelsbanken team without hesitation"

Corporate Banking customer

"We would not be where we are today without the team at Handelsbanken. We were both self-employed and the High Street banks computers could not see the potential that they could see in us. 

"Handelsbanken are what all banks should aspire to be; how banking was done thirty years ago, pick up the phone and speak to someone who knows exactly who you are and what you are talking about. 

"We have moved all business and personal accounts to Handelsbanken.

"Once you have experienced customer service at this level, why would you bank anywhere else?" 

Corporate and Individual Banking customer

"We moved to Handelsbanken because we discovered a forward-thinking bank that was willing to treat its customers as individuals rather than numbers on a spreadsheet.

"Our dedicated Account Manager and her team have a balanced approach to risk management, which means that they enable clients to access borrowing if they can demonstrate its affordability not based on arbitrary criteria such as age and strict salary multipliers.

"We have been delighted with the service, both through obtaining borrowing to day to day banking. The personal banking team are friendly and quick to respond, whenever we need them."

Individual Banking customer

"To date we are delighted with our decision to transfer our accounts to Handelsbanken. Everything has gone smoothly and they have been on top of any queries that have occurred.

"My wife is delighted that she once again has someone at a bank who will look after her and feels confident that any problems will be sorted out smoothly for her."

Individual Banking customer

"Having experienced many different global banks, both in the UK and over the course of our overseas assignments, we finally feel we have found "THE ONE".  

From the first moment I contacted Handelsbanken six months ago, they couldn’t have been more helpful or responsive to our various needs. Indeed, having opened a private account and loving the ethos, we quickly followed up by opening our corporate account with them too.

The team have been a delight to work with and have not been at all phased by our rather complicated circumstances. They are always happy to work with us to find a solution. Real people to speak to, and even better, people, that understand our banking needs. 

I cannot recommend Handelsbanken heartily enough and feel that at long last we have “come home”!  We are looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with Handelsbanken and are busy converting our friends."

Corporate and Individual Banking customer

"For us, it's all about the relationship you have with your bank. After years of dealing with large corporate banks, we've found Handelsbanken to be flexible, cooperative and easy to work with. 

"Here, we feel we have a partnership; we work together, and we both benefit. 

"We love banking at Handelsbanken. With great strategy advice to meticulous organisation and detail from our Account Manager, the whole team is a breath of fresh air!" 

Corporate Banking customer

"We have found Handelsbanken Milton Keynes branch to be personable, friendly and highly efficient over the last three years.

They have always been approachable, helpful and have dealt with questions regarding our account quickly. For us, Handelsbanken have been a breath of fresh air in the world of impersonal product selling banking. We have no regrets whatsoever.

Handelsbanken stands for secure old style banking with a 21st century focus and direction."

Individual Banking customer

"I was introduced to Handelsbanken through a mutual business contact and that coincided with my plans to build a new family home. I was introduced to our dedicated Account Manager who helped structure personal facilities to build our new home and bridge the sale of our existing home. 

The whole process was made very easy by the team at Handelsbanken and they were always just a telephone call away if I had a question. 

As a result I decided to move my business banking to them as well. Wendy looks after me on a day to day basis so I enjoy local banking with people I know and more importantly, who know me."

Individual Banking customer

"Our private banking manager was a fabulous manager in her previous position and, a few months after she moved to her current role within Handelsbanken, I followed her.

"Since then I have been absolutely delighted by the way I have been treated by my private banking manager, her team and Handelsbanken. I really do feel that I get a personal service unlike anything I have ever experienced from other banks. I am always able to speak to someone I know when I call and, without exception, my queries and requests for help have been dealt with quickly and in an extremely helpful way.

"From the smallest issue (moving £45 from my account to my son’s account) to the largest (transferring my existing mortgage to Handelsbanken), the staff have gone the extra mile, providing pro forma letters and filling in forms for me and talking me through all the relevant points.

"I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Individual Banking customer