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Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"We wish to express our gratitude to Handelsbanken Tamworth for making the switch of our accounts as painless as possible.  The switch was made effortless and it has been a delight to deal with the Bank.  Our personal account manager guided us through the process and was always on hand to answer any queries.  All of the requisite forms were completed for us without the burden of online applications, which would have been a feature of a switch managed by most other high street banks. This is banking as it should be: personal, courteous, efficient, pleasant and secure."

Corporate Banking customer

"I have personally banked with one of the largest banking groups for all my life (aged 77), until the end of last year when personal service reduced and became non-existent. Being someone with no borrowing requirements, they appeared not to be interested in my banking.

"A friend recommended me to contact Handelsbanken, and the rest is history. Both my wife and I have moved our accounts to Handelsbanken and the service has been excellent in every aspect, and the transfer went smoothly. The staff have been most helpful and I have no regrets in making the decision to move."

Individual Banking customer

"Handelsbanken was recommended to us through our accountant as a bank that still has a manager for small businesses, and what a manager and team it is. 

"From our first meeting we were impressed with the help and cooperation and the changeover, which although we had some complicated requirements, went smoothly and without any interruption to our business. 

"The team is very helpful and approachable and most of all, it all works without having to go through endless pressing of options and identifications, every call is answered by a person and not a voicemail system. 

"All in all – best move ever."

Corporate Business customer

"Following an introduction from our accountant, we are extremely impressed with the level of personal service and speed of decision making that we have seen from the team at the Tamworth branch.

"We have received a very bespoke solution and are delighted with our new relationship with Handelsbanken, who we see as our long term banking partner."

Corporate Banking customer

"I was planning on using my pension to fund a commercial property purchase from my own assets and use these proceeds to buy a second home. I had everything in place to proceed when I was told that it will take much longer than expected. Despite being a long-term customer both personally and professionally, my existing High Street bank were proving difficult to talk to, and as usual I was being passed around various people who were unable to comprehend my needs and make decisions. 

"Handelsbanken were recommended to me and I met with one of the local Private Banking Managers. Right from the start she understood my position and recommended to me a different course of action. 

"Despite my circumstances not fitting ‘normal’ lending criteria, the account manager got right onto it and relentlessly pursued a mortgage application through to completion in a very efficient manner – keeping me ‘in the loop’ all the way via email and phone calls. Everything went through very efficiently and I managed to complete within three weeks of the first meeting – amazing! 

"Handelsbanken’s service was second to none and accorded with my own business ethos of being better and different to the competition – give them a try for personal and corporate banking services, delivered like they should be." 

Corporate Banking customer

"Setting up home in a new country is never going to be easy, but having a financial team behind you providing a very personal service, tailored to my individual needs took much of the stress out of the process.

"Right from the initial set up of domestic UK accounts, Handelsbanken Tamworth provided the personal touch missing from "traditional" UK banks. My account manager listened to my complex requirements and designed a package that works very well. Transfer of services from my previous bank was managed seamlessly, saving me the stress and inconvenience usually experienced. They provided the introduction of their Swedish counterparts who provide the local banking services required to live there.

"The Swedish office, no surprise, matched Tamworth's performance perfectly. Where I struggle with the language, my Swedish account manager is willing to provide assistance to get me established. When large and complex transactions had to be made, the Handelsbanken team were just a phone call away to guide the process through to completion. Can you imagine trying to achieve this communicating through a call centre? Impossible.

"Because of the support Handelsbanken provide, I have the confidence and ability to do new business in Sweden and in the U.K. Under difficult economic circumstances, that is very valuable indeed."

Individual Banking customer

"Dealing with Handelsbanken has been a pleasure. Your prompt, friendly but professional service is greatly appreciated and a welcome contrast to the usual impersonal offering. 

"You have shown an interest in us and our banking needs and provide the service we want. It makes such a difference to pick up the phone and not only speak directly to the branch but to a team who know us."

Individual Banking customer

"Having banked with a leading high street bank for some 60 years, and upon the recommendation of both our financial adviser and our accountant we moved to Handelsbanken in January 2017. 

"We were most apprehensive at changing banks after such a long period of time, however with the support and advice of our account manager who was always on call, the switch took place with no problems and all the direct debits etc. were also successfully transferred. 

"We are delighted with the attention given to us by Handelsbanken and staff."

Individual Banking customer

"Having used the High Street banks for a number of years, it was a refreshing change to start using Handelsbanken.

"For smaller loans they were able to understand our requirements and underwrite and make the decision at the local office. For the larger loans this had to be done at head office but even so, this was done swiftly and pain free, unlike some of the other banks we have used in the past. 

"Our overall experience at Handelsbanken has been very positive and the local autonomy is a fantastic plus point."

Corporate Banking customer

"We hadn't heard of Handelsbanken but following an introduction from our solicitor we were extremely impressed with the speed of decision making. The team took time to learn about our business and then very rapidly put a level of facilities and services bespoke to our needs.

"Handelsbanken is banking the way it should be, service orientated and genuinely interested in helping its customers develop.

"The commercial banking sector in the UK has become more centralised which is concerning for businesses that rely on the local knowledge and understanding of their local bank. The Handelsbanken decentralised approach is better suited to providing that support. It has been a seamless changeover."

Corporate Banking customer

"We undertook a building project which was a conversion and new build of a barn and a cattle shed in a conservation area to form a family dwelling. The building compromised of a two storey existing building, and a new build single storey, a ‘knuckle’ joined the two buildings. The accommodation includes an open plan kitchen/dining, living space, play room, bedrooms and open plan hall. The building occupies the original footprint of the farms ancillary buildings and it also retains views onto the Trent and Mersey canal and the surrounding green fields. 

"From the initial enquiry to completion, Handelsbanken Tamworth were very helpful, professional and prompt. They showed genuine interest in our scheme, and were enthusiastic and ensured that throughout the building programme, we were always supported. 

They were one of the most hassle free companies to deal with, and throughout the construction process made our lives so much easier. Their teamwork and communication were faultless.

"Handelsbanken allowed us the opportunity to build our ‘dream’, and to develop our new business on the strength of that. From our initial contact with them we received constant information and prompt feedback on what best suited the needs of the build.

"By the end of the day our objective was well and truly achieved, and that was to create a modern family home for the future. The scheme is shortly to be published in a national magazine which is testament to the success of their support."

Corporate Banking customer

"Being self-employed means getting a mortgage can sometimes be difficult. The team at Handelsbanken were exceptional, from start to finish. Throughout the process everybody was so helpful and positive and they knew exactly what to do to ensure we were able to get the funds we needed to purchase our house. Without their attention to detail and personal approach this would not have been possible. It really makes a difference to have people who understand how to help in situations such as this. Thank you so much."

Individual Banking customer

"Our local estate agent introduced us to Handelsbanken after we found an outstanding and contemporary property. We initially considered selling our existing home to purchase this one but then decided it would be fantastic to have it as a second home.

This purchase would not have been possible without the tailored approach offered by Handelsbanken. They cared to understand our situation, explaining that their lending decisions are based on each individual’s unique circumstances. After assessing our financial situation and affordability they were then able to offer us a mortgage in principle.

From our first conversations with our private banking manager and mortgage adviser, we felt supported and understood during the application process. The whole team at Tamworth made the journey very easy, seamless and friendly.

It has been such a positive and personal experience. We had applied to several banks where we had held personal and business accounts for over 20 years, but our application was simply rejected by a computer-based risk assessment model.

We have now completed the purchase of our dream retirement home and thank the team for making this vision come true."

Individual Banking customer