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Putting our customers first

Handelsbanken is a local relationship bank, built on satisfied customers, financial strength and sustainable values. We aim to provide a truly bespoke service, providing tailored solutions for personal and business customers. For more information, please do call us or email the team using either our office email or use one of our team members direct email addresses which are available below.  

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St Andrews, The Belfry Business Park, Colonial Way
WD24 4WH
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What our customers say


"I started talking to Handelsbanken as it was not clear whether my current bank still had an appetite for my business sector in property investment. Handelsbanken proved to be refreshingly different in their approach, in that they not only took the time to view my investments, but also liaised with my accountant to take on board the preferred way to structure a solution. Whilst the latter proved to be something not provided before, again, they made the effort to investigate all options and were able to apply a common sense approach and deliver what was asked of them. As a parting gift, my former lender hit me with a large penalty to try and stop me moving, but by then, I felt the Handelsbanken traditional approach to banking was for me and paid what was required to facilitate the move. I haven't looked back since, I have a great relationship with all at the Watford office, they have continued to support my growth plans and I can now plan ahead with certainty. The banking regulator also agreed my former banks 'break' costs were unreasonable and these were subsequently refunded."

Corporate Banking customer

“I recently transferred to Handelsbanken, who were proactive in assisting with funding my new build. In terms of my account manager, I have been delighted with her high level of service, knowledge and support throughout my build. Given the additional stresses that these projects tend to demand, she has always been available when funds have been required, and her hands on approach has allowed the process to run smoothly. Furthermore, she has made several site visits and worked well with my build team. I have enjoyed my experience with Handelsbanken, and look forward to a long relationship with the Bank”.

Individual Banking customer