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Customer testimonials about Wrexham Branch

What our customers say about us.

Customer testimonials

en glad man och andra personer i bakgrunden

"We moved our accounts to Handelsbanken, on the recommendation of a business friend, it was like a breath of fresh air. 

The highest compliment I can pay Handelsbanken is that it is simply “old fashioned” banking. By this I mean direct person to person contact, local decision making and above all exemplary and outstandingly helpful service.

These attributes are combined with meticulous administration and attention to security".

Mr Robert Mills
Managing Director 

"The Handelsbanken team have restored our faith in banking and shown us that not all banks are the same.

We have a genuine, professional relationship with a bank that truly understands our needs, is able to make decisions locally and has helped us take our businesses to the next level".

Bryn Property

"We bought a house which needed to complete fourteen days post auction. The team at Wrexham were helpful before, during and after the auction. The personal service that we received from Handelsbanken in Wrexham was just fantastic and second to none. 

We completed in just 13 days".

Mr R S
Individual Banking Customer

"We have been customers of Handelsbanken for a number of years. 

As a small business, we have found the quality of personal service to be second to non. The ability to actually talk to your account manager in this day and age of electronic communication makes all the difference to running a business. From quick decision making to strategic planning for the future Handelsbanken lead the way. 

We feel our business and our money is in very safe and capable hands". 

Sean Evans 
Sweeney Hall Country House Hotel and Restaurant

"Life changed for me after exiting my family company 3 years ago. It was like starting a whole new and exciting life. It gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate everything, all the cards were thrown up in the air. All change!

But I knew what I was looking for and, as the cards began to settle, Handelsbanken turned up as an ace.

The team in Wrexham has helped transform my view of the possible for myself and my children. They look at the wider picture. The bank acts as a traditional bank should, and gives me support as a bank should in helping me to realize my dreams, well, New Year Resolutions more like, resolutions that became very clear 3 years ago.

I can thank my team and recommend Handelsbanken whole-heartedly".

Nonna Woodward
Informally known group – Woodward Inc

"DTM Legal has been a customer of Handelsbanken from commencement of our business nearly 8 years ago. 

From getting the business going, through re-financing a successful growing business to everyday transactions, Handelsbanken have provided excellent support and high quality customer service.

Knowing your bank will listen to your needs and then work to meet them in an extremely positive manner is a huge reassurance to have whilst you concentrate on running your business".

Richard Thomas
Partner & Head of Business Recovery