Current Account

An easy and secure way to manage your money

  • Available for sole and joint accounts.
  • Accessible through a range of channels.
  • You can apply for an overdraft facility providing you with increased flexibility to manage your day to day finances.
  • Cash / cheques can be deposited into a current account via Post Office® counter or NatWest counter service.
  • Outward payments available include standing order, Direct Debit, Faster Payments, CHAPS, BACS, SWIFT and SEPA euro payments.

Become a customer

Find out more about becoming a Handelsbanken customer or call 0800 470 8000 to speak to our Customer Support team.
Become a customer

Already a customer

To know more, please speak to your account manager at your local branch.

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Accessing your account

Your dedicated account manager, branch and customer support team are available to help you service your account – and in addition, you can use Individual Online Banking, the Individual Banking app, our contactless Debit and Charge cards or cheque to make payments and access your money.

Counter services

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Manage your account easily by using our Post Office® and postal cheque service. Services include cash deposit and withdrawal.
Post Office® services
Postal cheque service


We provide quick and convenient ways to transfer money within and outside the UK.


A short-term way to borrow money through your current account.

Current Account Switch Service

Switching to Handelsbanken is simple and stress-free. You can choose the date you want the switch to happen - in as little as seven working days.