1. Debit card and Charge card

Handelsbanken Debit and Charge Card

Our Debit Card gives you easy access to the funds in your account, and our Charge Card enables you to purchase now and pay later

Debit Card

  • Convenience and control
  • Make purchases and cash withdrawals
  • The card is linked to your current account, so money is taken from it directly
  • Spend up to your agreed overdraft limit

Charge Card

  • A flexible way to pay
  • Make purchases and cash withdrawals
  • Up to 45 days' interest free credit for purchases and cash withdrawals
  • An individually-determined spending limit


Handelsbanken cards enable you to make contactless purchases of up to £100 at most retailers. For extra security, occasionally you may need to insert your Handelsbanken contactless card into the terminal and enter your PIN before you can use contactless again.

Card blocking and security

For added security, prevent a card from being used in certain places and channels:

  • In Europe (excluding UK)
  • Throughout the rest of the world
  • Online and via telephone

Your card will always be activated to be used in UK shops unless you have reported it lost or stolen.

To activate this feature, call 0800 470 8000, or go to Individual Online Banking, or the Individual Mobile Banking App then navigate to 'Card settings'.

We take every step possible to keep your card details safe. Read more about our guidelines to help you prevent fraudulent activity on your account(s).

Using your card outside the UK

the globe
Find out more about the fees we charge for non-sterling purchases and cash machine withdrawals made using your Handelsbanken Debit or Charge Card outside the UK.

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Find out more about becoming a Handelsbanken customer or call 0800 470 8000 to speak to our Customer Support team.
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Mastercard: accepted worldwide

You can use your Handelsbanken Debit Card and Charge Card wherever you see the MasterCard symbol.