We provide quick and convenient ways to transfer money within the UK and abroad.

Domestic payments

Faster Payments

Make payments of up to £100,000 at no cost, received by the beneficiary typically within a few hours*. 

Same-day UK payment (CHAPS)

Send funds when the beneficiary must receive payment on the same day* at no cost. CHAPS are commonly used for high-value transactions such as mortgage deposits or completions.

 * Faster Payments and CHAPS payments are subject to cut-off times.

International payments

SWIFT payments

If you need to transfer money to a different country, we can send payments in sterling or most other currencies via correspondent banks around the world. The cost and time taken to send international payments can vary.

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)

Make and receive euro payments across Europe, simply, cheaply and efficiently. This service is very similar to BACS but allows non-urgent euro payments to be sent without incurring the charges  normally associated with SWIFT payments.