Using your card outside the UK

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For non-sterling purchases and cash machine withdrawals made using your Handelsbanken Debit, Business Debit or Charge Card, we will charge a fee of 2.75% of the sterling amount of the transaction. The exchange rate applied for non-sterling transactions will be the Mastercard / Visa rate at the date and time we process the payment. This may be different to the rate used on the day you make the purchase or cash withdrawal.

Understanding your card spending abroad

Our card currency calculator below lets you see how much your non-sterling purchase or non-sterling cash withdrawal costs outside the UK in a European Economic Area currency.

Currency exchange calculator

The rate shown here is the percentage difference between the Handelsbanken rate and ECB rate*. As it may take a few days for your payment to be processed, the rate shown and the rate you are charged may differ.
Select the information in the calculator to estimate the cost of your transaction in British Pounds.



Mastercard: accepted worldwide

You can use your Handelsbanken Debit Card and Charge Card wherever you see the MasterCard symbol.