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A personal approach

Once you’ve chosen your savings account, speak to your account manager. They can also advise you on the right savings products for your short and long term needs.

You may want your savings to form part of a long term financial strategy. Your account manager will be happy to have a wider conversation about your finances, listening to your needs, circumstances and goals, and bringing in other experts if required.

Are you an existing saver with us?

Ask us today if we could make your money could work harder. We may have a different savings product that’s even more suitable for you and your circumstances.

Our savings account range

Instant Access Account

A flexible way to save. Easy access to your funds, and no minimum deposit or limit to the amount you can save.

Notice Deposit Accounts

Our 10 day and 35 day notice deposit accounts give you higher interest rates. May be more suitable if you don’t need instant access to your money, or if you’re saving for a planned event.

Fixed Term Deposits

Lock your money away for longer, but enjoy a higher, guaranteed interest rate. You can choose your term.

Cash ISA

Save up to £20,000 without having to pay tax on your interest. Enjoy the flexibility to make one-off contributions or set up regular ones.

Child savings account

If you’re the child’s parent or legal guardian, ask us about putting something aside for their future. You must be an existing Handelsbanken customer.

Compare our accounts

Account Minimum you need to open this account Maximum you can save When we pay interest Taking your money out Can be managed online? When you can pay money in
Instant Access Account £0 No limit Monthly Instant access, any time Yes Any time you like
Cash ISA £10 £20,000 for the current tax year Annually Instant access, any time Yes Any time you like
10 Day Notice Deposit Account £5,000 No limit Monthly / quarterly You need to give us 10 days’ notice Yes Any time you like
35 Day Notice Deposit Account £5,000 No limit Monthly / quarterly You need to give us 35 days’ notice Yes Any time you like
Fixed Term Deposits £250,000 No limit When your agreed term matures You agree your term with us at account opening. No early withdrawals permitted No, but you can view your balance No further payments allowed after opening
Child savings account £0 No limit N/a Instant access, any time Yes Any time you like

Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management Stocks and Shares ISA


Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management offers global multi asset funds that you can invest in within a Stocks and Shares ISA / JISA. For further information, please log in to Individual Online Banking Opens in a new window and select 'Wealth and Investing'. You can also have a look at the Handelsbanken Wealth and Asset Management website Opens in a new window.