Post Office® services

Accessing your Handelsbanken Current Account at the Post Office®

Coronavirus update

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, the quickest way to receive money is to be paid digitally; so if possible, you should ask individuals and businesses to pay you this way. 

Post Offices® may have restricted availability, so please look on the Post Office® websiteOpens in a new window before you travel. 


Handelsbanken has partnered with the Post Office ® to deliver a range of banking services for our customers, for convenient and accessible banking throughout the UK.

Individual Banking customers can access banking services at over 11,500 Post Office®  branches across the UK.

Cash deposit 

Pay in cash, using your Handelsbanken Debit Card or barcoded paying-in book.

Cash withdrawal

Withdraw up to £500 of cash (subject to your transaction limits) at any Post Office® branch, using your Handelsbanken Debit Card. You will be given a printed receipt to confirm the transaction. Please retain this for any future queries.

Balance enquiry

Check your current account balance at any Post Office® branch using your Handelsbanken Debit Card.

HSBC closures and Post Office® counter services

Please note that HSBC, which provides counter services for our Corporate Banking customers and some of our Individual Banking customers, is closing 82 branches throughout 2021. HSBC also plans to move some of its branches to a digital-only service. This means a further 178 branches will no longer be able to offer counter services by the end of 2022.

You can find a list of branches that are closing or moving to a digital-only service, along with where to find your nearest HSBC here: Branch Locator - HSBC UKOpens in a new window

We have partnered with the Post Office®, which offers a comparable cash deposit service to HSBC. Unfortunately HSBC open credit and cheque deposits cannot be offered in a similar way at Post Office® counters. However, the Post Office® Cash Withdrawal Service and our Postal Cheque Service are available as alternatives.

Find out more about Post Office® services and the Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service below:

Post Office®Opens in a new window
Postal Cheque Service

Using your Handelsbanken Debit Card at the Post Office ®

If your Handelsbanken Debit Card has an expiry date of 08/20 or later it's ready for you to use at any Post Office® branch.

Contact your Handelsbanken account manager if your Handelsbanken Debit Card has an expiry date of 07/20 or earlier, and they will order you a Post Office® enabled replacement.