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Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service

Use the Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service to deposit cheques into your Handelsbanken account
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Your paying-in point is as close as your nearest post box, or hand in your envelope at the Post Office® if you are also paying in cash.

How to use Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service

Your local Handelsbanken branch can provide you with Handelsbanken first class pre-paid envelopes free of charge, and there is no limit to the number that you can use.

  1. Complete a paying-in slip for each Handelsbanken account to be credited and place it and your cheques in the pre-paid Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service envelope.
  2. Deposit the envelope into a post box.
  3. The credit will appear on your account on the day we process the cheque*, and will be available to withdraw four working days after the day we process the cheque.

Only sterling-denominated cheques drawn on UK financial institutions are accepted.

A maximum of 11 items can be inserted into one envelope; in a combination of cheques and paying-in slips.

Processing times

As an example, if the cheque is processed on a Monday, the credit will appear on your account on Monday, it will be included for interest on Wednesday and become available for withdrawal on Friday.

*Where we receive a cheque through the Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service, we will process it as soon as we reasonably can. This will normally be either the same working day or the next working day.