Postal Cheque Service

Deposit your cheques into your Handelsbanken account with the Postal Cheque Service

We’re currently experiencing severe delays in receiving old (PO Box 5548) Postal Cheque Service envelopes from Royal Mail. Please speak to your branch or our team on 0800 470 8000 for help. We’ve detailed below other ways you can make a deposit.

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Postal Cheque Service : Sending cheques via Royal Mail

  1. Complete a paying-in slip for each Handelsbanken account to be credited and place it and your cheques in the pre-paid Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service envelope.
  2. Deposit the envelope into a post box.
  3. We’ll process your deposit on the day we receive it and credit your account on the next working day. The funds will be available by the end of that next working day. If a cheque paid into your account is returned unpaid, we’ll let you know by post and deduct the value of the cheque from your account.
  4. We can only accept sterling-denominated cheques from customers of UK financial institutions.

Important information

  • Please remember, we rely entirely on Royal Mail to get your cheques to us; we can’t process a cheque until we receive it. If there are delays to the Royal Mail service, your cheque may not reach us when you need it to. We’ve detailed below other ways that you can make a deposit.
  • Please make sure you’re using the correct envelope when you send your cheque. Your branch can supply you with the correct pre-paid envelopes which have the following address: Handelsbanken, PO Box 21, Northampton, NN1 2EY
  • A maximum of 11 items can be inserted into one envelope; in combination of cheques and paying-in slips.

Other ways of making a deposit

Whether you're an Individual or Corporate Banking customer, the quickest way to receive money is to be paid digitally instead of by cheque; if possible you should ask to be paid this way. We have different options though, if you want to pay a cheque in over the counter.

Individual Banking customers

You can use NatWest to deposit cheques over the counter using your paying-in book. However, there are some limitations to the maximum amount you can pay in, so we suggest contacting your account manager first.

Corporate Banking customers 

You can use HSBC to deposit cheques over the counter using your paying-in book.