Individual Banking app

A secure and easy way to manage your money on the move.
  • Manage your accounts: view your account and card balances and transactions
  • Make transfers and payments, within and outside the UK
  • Prevent your cards being used abroad and online, for your security
  • Approve card payments when making online purchases
  • Receive notifications to stay on top of your account activity
  • Add your cards to Apple Wallet in seconds

Getting started

To use the app you will need to be registered for Individual Online Banking. To set up access to our Individual Mobile Banking App you will need to be logged onto Individual Online Banking.

  1. Choose a Personal ID.

    Once you are logged in click on 'Mobile Banking' and then 'Register or Change Personal ID'.
  2. Choose your 6-digit Passcode

    Click on 'Register or Change Passcode'.
  3. Download the 'Handelsbanken UK - Individual' app.   

In order to begin using the app on your device(s) you will need to activate the app on each device the first time you login. Please have your log-on card and QR reader ready and follow the on-screen instructions.


Contact your branch for more assistance or contact our Handelsbanken Customer Connect team on:

0800 470 8000 or

+44 20 757 88247 from outside the UK.

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to activate the Individual Banking App

The below video will guide you through the steps you'll need to follow to activate your Individual Banking App.

When you have a new mobile phone

Activating a new device is simple
  1. Download the app onto your new device.
  2. Open the Handelsbanken app on your new device.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to activate your new device (you will need your logon card and card reader to complete the activation).
Deactivating your old device
  1. Log in to Individual Online Banking at
  2. Navigate to the 'Mobile banking' section and click on 'Activated devices'.
  3. Select the phone which you will no longer use and click 'Deactivate'.

System requirements

Find out which operating systems and browsers are compatible with our online services.

Managing your account securely

At Handelsbanken we’re introducing new ways to protect you and your money. Using the app or Verification Codes makes your online transactions more secure and setting up alerts means you have better control and visibility over your account activity.

Online security

We take your online security seriously and work hard to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. Make sure you’re doing everything possible to protect yourself too.


  • Yes, for example, if you lost your mobile and wanted to disable the app, you can do this yourself in Individual Online Banking. Just go to the 'Mobile banking' section and click on 'Activated Devices' and select 'Deactivate'.
  • You are able to view your activated devices in the Mobile banking section of Individual Online Banking.
  • Yes, an activation must be made for each separate app you want to use.
  • Yes, you need to activate the app on each device, such as on both tablet and mobile. You can activate the Corporate Banking app on up to 10 different devices.
  • No, you activate the app you want to use the first time you log in on a particular device.
  • Devices running on iOS Opens in a new window and Android Opens in a new window operating systems are compatible, this includes phones and tablets. For the latest details on compatibility see the relevant description on the App store or Google Play.

  • You can change your personal ID and 6-digit Passcode at any time in the Mobile banking section of Individual Online Banking.
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