Getting started with your Digipass®

When you pay for something online with your Handelsbanken Debit or Charge Card we may sometimes ask you to provide a Verification Code to confirm that it is you using the card

How to use your Digipass®

Digipass® allows you to generate Verification Codes, if prompted to do so, when paying online with your Handelsbanken card(s).

Make sure that you have received both your Digipass® and PIN envelope before following these steps.

Step 1 – Activating your Digipass®


Where you received your Digipass® and PIN envelope by post we need you to confirm receipt before you can activate your Digipass®.

Digipass® & PIN envelope received by post

  • Contact your branch, during office hours, or call Customer Support on 0800 470 8000 or +44 207 578 8247 between 7am and 10pm with your Digipass® to hand
  • Confirm the serial number on the reverse of your Digipass® when asked to do so

Your Digipass® is now activated.

Digipass® & PIN envelope received in person

Please follow the instructions from Step 2 onwards

Step 2 – Setting your Digipass® PIN


The first time you use your Digipass® you will need to use the initial Digipass® PIN from the envelope provided and then select a new 4 digit PIN.

  • Open the Digipass® envelope to reveal your initial 4 digit PIN
  • Switch your Digipass® on using the button with the triangle. The display will say 'PIN'
  • Enter the initial 4 digit PIN printed in the envelope, the display shows 'NEW PIN'
  • Enter a new 4 digit PIN for your Digipass®, the display shows 'PIN CONF'
  • Re-enter the new 4 digit PIN, the display shows 'NEW PIN CONF' and then shows an 8 digit code

Your new Digipass® PIN has been set successfully.

Step 3 – Generating a Verification Code

When using your card online you may occasionally be prompted to verify a payment by providing a Verification Code.

Please note: where we do not hold a mobile phone number for you the option to 'Verify by text message' will show an exclamation mark '!' and cannot be used until we hold a valid mobile number for you. If you would like to receive Verification Codes by text message please contact your branch for assistance.

Select 'Verify by Digipass®' then when the 'Validate Identity' screen is displayed:

  • Switch your Digipass® on, the display shows 'PIN'

  • Enter your 4 digit PIN, a Verification Code is displayed

  • Type the Verification Code into the 'Verification Code' field on the Validate Identity screen and press 'Submit'

You will be returned to the merchant’s website to complete your transaction.

Important information

Your Digipass® will become blocked if you enter the wrong PIN too many times or if you enter an incorrect Verification Code too many times when shopping online. See FAQ's for guidance on how to unblock a Digipass®.


  • It is not possible to replace a Digipass® battery. If the battery appears to be running low contact your branch who will provide you with a replacement Digipass®.
  • The Digipass® becomes blocked when you enter your PIN incorrectly too many times consecutively. Contact your branch during office hours for assistance.
  • Contact your branch during office hours for assistance.