The audio card reader

Helping our visually impaired customers to access online banking services
A simple device to use, the audio card reader allows you to log in to online banking, so you can manage your transactions securely. Made specifically to support our visually impaired customers, it has a bigger screen, a language setting, the option to use headphones and buttons which are labelled in braille. It only needs AAA batteries, which are already in your card reader.

Headphones or speakers

You can listen through the built-in speakers or simply connect headphones to the top left side of the card reader. The card reader will then read out the text shown in the card reader display. Your PIN won’t be read out.  

For security, we’d always recommend that you use your headphones when using the card reader in a public place. Please remember, you only have three attempts to enter your PIN correctly, after this your card will be blocked and you’ll need to order a new one.  


You’ll find the volume control on the left side of the card reader. Turn the control to change the volume as preferred. 

Digits and function buttons 

The digits run from one to three starting at the top row. The zero digit is in the middle of the lowest row. Number five is marked in braille and is in the middle of the second row. Use number nine to select language.  

Language setting

English is set as a default language, but you can also choose Swedish, or Dutch. Press down number nine key for two seconds to select the language setting. 

  • Select one for Swedish. 
  • Select two for English.
  • Select three for Dutch.

All function buttons on the card reader are shaped and are marked with braille. 

Turn on

Insert your log-on card to turn on the device and don't forget to alternate your volume level with the scroll on the left hand side.

Turn off

Remove your log-on card from the card reader to turn it off. If the card reader has been inactive for 60 seconds, you’ll hear a warning sound. The card reader will then shut down automatically after two minutes.

Card reader functions 

At the top of the card reader there are three buttons labelled ‘Login,’ ‘Sign’ and ‘Buy.’ 
To the right of the card reader there are three buttons, in vertically descending order labelled ‘Cancel’, ‘Clear’ and ‘Enter’.

Is used to log in to our online banking services.

Is used to sign or to verify your actions in our online banking services.

Is used for online purchases paid with your debit or charge card.

By pressing the red button, which has a raised X in it, you’ll cancel your current action. The voice then confirms with a sound.

By pressing the yellow button, which has a raised tactile I shape, your last entry will be deleted. The voice then confirms with a sound.

By pressing the green button which has a raised tactile 0 shape,  you’ll confirm your last entry. The voice then confirms with a sound. 

To repeat the information read out by the card reader, press the small grey button, with an arrow, on the bottom left side of the card reader.

Need help?

en person som pratar i headset

To order an audio card reader or for more support, contact your branch or our Customer Connect team on 0800 470 8000.

You’ll find more information about card readers via the below links.