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Changes in circumstances

We’re here to support you

If your circumstances have changed and you need support, please let us know. The sooner we know your situation, the quicker we can help.

What help can we provide?

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We may be able to:

  • Conduct a financial review to see what support options we could offer.
  • Give you individual support with your Handelsbanken products, such as your current account(s), mortgages, savings and any loans or overdrafts.
  • Set up access to allow family or friends to help manage your money on your behalf.

What we can offer will depend on your individual circumstances. If we can't help, we may be able to give you details of other organisations who can.

Divorce or separation

If you’re going through a divorce or separation, then managing shared finances could become a challenge.

If you and your partner are both named on an account but are no longer living together, we can make sure that you both get all letters and statements separately. We’ll also help you both set up individual banking arrangements.


Relate is the largest provider of relationship of support in England and Wales, offering services such as relationship and family therapy (including children’s and young person’s counselling). Their separation and divorce page Opens in a new window outlines common problems that can occur during separations and guidance on how to overcome them.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice offers free, confidential and impartial advice on legal, financial and other problems. They also provide face to face advice through local advice centres. Their website also offers help if you’re separating from a partner and outlines the legal process for ending a marriage or civil partnership.

To find your local advice centre, visit their website and select England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland from the options.

If you’re a carer for someone

Caring for an ill family member or friend can take both a physical and emotional toll.  But it’s not something you need to experience alone.  

Carers UK supports anyone with caring responsibilities, providing advice on carers’ rights and Government entitlements such as carers’ allowance and help with energy costs. The charity can even help with paperwork. It runs community groups so that carers don’t feel isolated.

Other helpful resources

Third-party authority

If you want help managing your money, or if you’re a carer who wants to support one of our customers, setting up third-party authority can help. Ask us in branch for more information.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows a trusted person to manage your money on your behalf. This may be needed if health issues mean you won’t be able to manage your own money in the future.  

If you want to support someone who isn’t able to make their own decisions, a Court of Protection Order may be needed.

Here’s some practical support and guidance on how to put a power of attorney in place, or what to do if you’ve been asked to be an attorney. 

Help with budgeting

MoneyHelper is an independent, Government backed service which can help with living on a squeezed income, working out a budget, how to prioritise bills and payments, or accessing free, expert debt advice.

The rising cost of living

The rising cost of living is affecting many people. This may be even worse if you’re having difficulties as a result of life events. 

Our dedicated support page provides support if you’re experiencing financial strain.