1. Fraud and security

Fraud and security

Your online security is important to us

Find out how we work to keep your transactions secure, along with useful advice about how to protect yourself and be aware of fraud.

Stay protected

Make sure you're doing all you can to keep your devices and information safe.
Guidance for online safety
Card security

Safer shopping

Find out how we keep your transactions safe and how to be a savvy online shopper.
Protecting your online transactions
Transaction alerts
Unrecognised transactions
Confirmation of Payee

How fraudsters work

Find out the techniques fraudsters rely on and what to do if you fall for them.
How fraudsters work
Latest scams

Types of fraud

Stay alert to fraudulent activity from online gaming to online dating

Protecting your business

Find out how to protect your business against the ever-present threat of fraud.

Additional support

You'll find a wealth of information here from organisations who are dedicated to helping you fight fraud. Find out  everything from how to spot a scam, where and how to report fraud and what you can do to always keep one step ahead of scammers.

Report a fraud

Contact us immediately if you think you've been the victim of fraud or notice anything unusual on your account.
Report a fraud