Latest scams

Find out about other tactics scammers are using to get your personal information and commit fraud

You’ll find the latest scams here as we become aware of them. Bookmark or regularly visit this page so you can keep one step ahead of fraudsters. 

Investments scams – communications with people offering high return investments using what appears to be genuine process, language and jargon. Be wary of unsolicited investment ‘offers’

Text messages – these can some from organisations you know, such as; banks, HMRC, NHS,  Royal Mail and contain a link which directs people to fake sites to reveal their personal information. 

Safe accounts – Fraudsters pose a bank or even the police telling people that their money is at risk and to move their money to a ‘safe’ account immediately. 

Keyworker scams – this is where key workers are offered rewards for their work in an attempt to gain their personal information. Be wary of unsolicited gifts or offers

HMRC – people are called by someone claiming to be from HMRC, advising that they are wanted for tax fraud and have a fine to pay.

Additional support

Knowing how fraudsters work is one of the best ways to protect yourself. You'll find organisations here who are dedicated to fighting fraud and podcasts from our very own fraud experts, to help to stay one step ahead of scams.