Transactions alerts

Keep track of your account activity

Getting alerts direct to your mobile means you can keep track of your account activity, helping you to keep a step ahead of fraudsters. With real-time notifications about card payments, payments to new beneficiaries, standing orders and Direct Debits, any suspicious activity can be picked up and dealt with sooner. 

You can receive alerts once you’ve enabled push notifications both in the Individual Banking app and on your mobile (iOS or Android). You can even choose which activity you want to be alerted to; payments, cards or both.

Stay secure while you shop

Get extra protection from fraud by managing your transactions when you shop online, using the Individual Banking app or a Verification Code. Find out how to get started.

Don’t have the Individual Banking app?

If you have Individual Online Banking, you can get the app straight away. Enable notifications in the app to receive alerts.

To register for Individual Online Banking, contact your branch.