1. Help with logging in

Help with logging in

Troubleshooting BankID, log on cards and other possible issues

Videos: how to log in

The following videos show the steps you need to follow to log in, either with the cable or without the cable, for both Individual Online Banking and Corporate Online Banking.

When do I need BankID?

You only need BankId when using card reader with cable. This is required for setting up Digital ID and the Individual and Corporate Online Banking apps.

For all other online banking requirements you can log in without using your card reader and cable. This process does not require BankID.

Troubleshooting BankID

Before you can log in to the card reader with the cable, you will have to install the BankID software and the driver for the card reader. To install the software, please visit one of the links below:
Software for Windows
Software for Mac
If the BankID application is already installed on your computer and you are still experiencing difficulties, follow the steps below:

1. Check the card reader

Unplug the cable from the card reader. Connect the card reader again and  check the number of rectangles shown in the card reader display. See below for what to do in each case:

    2. Try a different browser

    If you still have trouble logging in, try to log in using another browser. Also, make sure you meet the system requirements. If none of the troubleshooting solutions have solved your log-in problems, reinstall the BankID security application. Follow the links below.
    Reinstall BankID security application (Windows) (exe 33.5 MB)
    Reinstall BankID security application (Mac) (pkg 18.5 MB)

    Other issues

      Technical support

      If you are experiencing technical difficulties and need to speak to someone in our Customer Support Team please call us on:

      0800 470 8000 from the UK

      or +44 20 7578 8247 from outside the UK