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We believe in the individual and the opportunity to develop

A career at Handelsbanken


Our success is based on trusting our employees with everyday decision-making power. Throughout the organisation, individuals enjoy wide-ranging responsibility and the scope to pursue a unique career, within a culture of openness, equality and professionalism. We are looking for talented people from all backgrounds who share our core values, and who thrive on being empowered and working together towards a common goal, to play a part in our growth.

We believe that every person we recruit is an investment for the Bank, and we want our employees to stay with us for the long-term. Colleagues will typically explore a range of roles during their careers here. They are encouraged to get to know various parts of the Bank, moving between branch and support functions, making the most of opportunities for personal growth and skills development. Whether you are at the start of your career or are looking to make a change, we offer a range of roles, where delivering customer satisfaction, living sustainable values and working ethically are a common thread.

Why work at Handelsbanken

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Find out more about what it means to work at Handelsbanken. Read about our company culture, our values, the qualities we look for and hear from our people.
Working at Handelsbanken
Diversity and inclusion

The people we look for

  • Have the courage to make decisions and drive them through with passion 
  • Enjoy being proactive and taking responsibility for their own development 
  • Collaborate with others across the Bank to achieve joint goals
  • Are business-oriented and focused on our customer needs 
  • Take a long-term approach


We are looking to recruit bright, articulate, individuals who wish to develop a long term career in banking. We view the Internship Programme as a platform to support us in recruiting our leaders of the future.

Diversity and inclusion

To us, diversity and inclusion means that everyone must have the same rights, opportunities, and conditions to develop and contribute to the Bank’s development and their own career.
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