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A decentralised way of working and a strong local presence

Handelsbanken in the UK

Handelsbanken is a local relationship bank, built on satisfied customers, financial strength and sustainable values. We were established in 1871 in Sweden and in the UK we now have an extensive network of branches. We support local communities across the country, helping individuals and businesses with their financial needs. 

Our focus is on helping customers. We don’t believe in short-term bonuses and don’t have sales or product targets; instead we take a long-term view, investing time in getting to know our customers, their needs, dreams and ambitions. 

The handbook of our culture states: "Our advice must always be what is best for the customer, not what is most profitable for the Bank at the time."

We understand the impact we have on society, the environment and the financial market, and over many decades sustainable thinking has been an integral part of our everyday work. We aim to be a responsible contributor to the communities we serve, and work to make a positive difference wherever we can for our customers, our people and the environment. 

Europe’s safest commercial bank

Thanks to our prudent approach to risk and a focus on building long-term customer relationships, we’ve been rated the safest commercial bank in Europe, in Global Finance magazine’s ranking of the World’s Safest Banks 2022 Opens in a new window. We have consistently strong, stable credit ratings (Handelsbanken plc’s long-term rating – Fitch: AA, Standard & Poor’s AA-) and substantial liquidity reserves.

Who we are

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Local responsibility

Our decentralised model means that each branch operates as a local business, so they can get to know their customers well and understand the local market and community. Our branches are empowered to make the key banking decisions for our customers.

Satisfied customers

Our success rests on strong relationships with satisfied customers, and we continuously strive to improve the products and services we offer. That’s why we’re delighted to have been rated top for satisfaction in an independent survey of British banks’ personal and business customers for the fifteenth year running (EPSI Rating Group 2009 - 2023).

A sustainable bank

Financial stability, prudence, lifelong relationships and a strong local presence are the cultural cornerstones of Handelsbanken. They shape our local, personal approach to banking, and how sustainability is woven into our everyday operations.

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Working at Handelsbanken

At Handelsbanken, our success is based on trusting our employees with everyday decision-making power. Throughout the organisation, individuals enjoy wide-ranging responsibility and the scope to pursue a unique career, within a culture of openness, equality and professionalism.
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Awards and recognition

The awards and recognition that we have received highlight the success of our customer-focused approach.

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