The Board


Role of Handelsbanken plc Board

The Board aims to promote the long-term success of Handelsbanken plc, deliver sustainable value to shareholders and encourage a culture of openness and debate. 

It has responsibility for ensuring that the Bank is managed effectively and in the best interests of its shareholder, customers, employees, its subsidiary (Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management Limited), and regulators and other stakeholders.

In addition, it also sets the strategy and risk appetite, and approves capital and operating plans for achieving strategic objectives on the recommendation of management. 

The Board has nine members. In addition to the chairman, the Board consists of six non-executive directors (four of whom are independent), two executive directors, the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer. 

The role of the independent non-executive directors is to challenge and scrutinise the performance of management, including executive directors, and to help develop proposals on strategy. They also review the performance in meeting agreed goals and objectives, and monitor the Bank’s risk profile. 

The non-executive directors have strong and relevant experience. To ensure the Board continues to have an appropriate balance of skills, these skill sets are reviewed annually through the completion of a skills matrix which is considered by the Nomination Committee and the Board.

Powers of the Board

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In exercising its duty to promote the success of the Bank, the Board is responsible for overseeing the management of Handelsbanken plc and, in doing so, may exercise its powers, subject to any relevant laws, regulations and articles of association of Handelsbanken plc. 

The Board is committed to effective engagement with all of its stakeholders. It receives reports from management on issues concerning the environment, community, suppliers, employees and shareholders, which it takes into account in discussions and decision-making. Additional, non-financial disclosures detailing the approach pursued by Handelsbanken plc in relation to employees, the environment, social matters, human rights, financial crime prevention, anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters are included in the Annual Report. 

Information on the authority, role, responsibilities, structure, composition and meeting procedures of the Board of directors, and of the Board’s oversight of its subsidiaries, is set out in the Matters reserved for the Board document.

Board committees

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The Board delegates specific powers to Board committees to assist it in carrying out its responsibilities.

Board of directors

View our Board of directors, which has responsibility for ensuring that the Bank is managed effectively and in the best interests of its stakeholders.

Executive management

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The Executive Management team consists of Handelsbanken plc's CEO and a number of department heads.