Handelsbanken joins Bankers for NetZero initiative


We are pleased to announce our participation in the Bankers for NetZero initiative. This is led by a cross-party group of parliamentarians, with the support of all the key bodies involved in steering the UK's transition to a green economy, from UK government departments and regulators to the United Nations and the influential Club of Rome Opens in a new window. Bringing these institutions, policymakers and a small number of UK banks together, Bankers for NetZero's objectives are to identify how banks can best support key sectors of the UK economy in transitioning to net zero, and what is needed from a policy and regulatory perspective to enable banks to finance a rapid transition.

Mikael Sorensen, CEO at Handelsbanken in the UK says, "As close, trusted advisors to our customers, we are well placed to help them manage the financial risks posed by climate change and to thrive in the net zero economy we are heading towards. Each customer will have their own distinct transition challenges, so it's important to find approaches that can work at the local, individual level, as well as establishing principles and policies that can benefit broader industries and communities. This is why we're pleased to contribute to, and learn from, the Bankers for NetZero initiative."

"Over the coming years, the challenges and potential opportunities of net zero transition will rise steadily up our corporate customers' agenda. We have begun to explore how best our UK bank can meet this future customer demand for advice and financial support , and we look forward to involving colleagues from across the business in this evolving work."

Retrofitting a property to make it more energy efficient, is seen as a key pillar in the UK's transition to net zero. We're proud to have helped produce the 'Retrofit revolution' paper, as part of the Bankers for Net Zero initiative. The paper sets out what the banking and private finance sector need to do to set off a retrofit boom across the UK, that benefits all.