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Handelsbanken for intermediaries

Welcome to Handelsbanken

All our customers benefit from a unique, private banking experience so when you place a case with us, you can be assured your client will be in safe hands. We‘ll work with you to help your clients get the solution they need, whether their situation is complex or straightforward. 

Relationships are important to us, getting to know your clients means we can offer a truly bespoke service. Our decentralised approach means all aspects of an application are dealt with at a local branch level, and you and your client will always have the direct contact details for your underwriter. 

The Handelsbanken difference

  • All cases are manually underwritten
  • You have direct access to the decision makers, locally
  • We’ll make decisions quickly for you, even if we can’t help
  • Our products are flexible with a mortgage range that includes: offset mortgages, trackers free from early repayment charges and residential development loans 
  • We take the time to understand cases with complicated income streams, including retained profits, rental income, directors’ loans and pensions
  • We’re able to consider unusual property types, including Grade II Listed, holiday homes and those with large acreage
    *Considered on a case by case basis*

How to get in touch

If you’re interested in working with us or would like to discuss a case, contact your local branch here.

All the important information you need

Europe’s safest commercial bank

We’re proud to have been recognised as Europe’s safest commercial bank, in Global Finance magazine’s ranking of the World’s Safest Banks 2022 Opens in a new window.

Driven by customer satisfaction

Our customers are amongst the most satisfied in British banking. Read more via the link below.

Intermediary use only

This website is for the use of mortgage intermediaries only. 

All other individuals looking for information should visit the mortgages pages at www.handelsbanken.co.uk/mortgages

If you reproduce any part of the information contained in this communication, to be used with or to advise clients, you must ensure it conforms to the Financial Conduct Authority's advising and selling rules. It's your responsibility to ensure that the information you're using is the most up to date in line with our most recent communications to professional mortgage advisors. If you're unsure that you are using the correct versions, please check with our intermediary support team.