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2024 Property Investor Report

Our third Property Investor Report reveals how investors in the wider market feel about the sector and what changes they are expecting to see in the next year. Read the 2024 Handelsbanken Property Investor Report via the link below. You can also view previous reports on this page.

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Ready to retrofit?

Retrofitting revitalises your property for a sustainable future. What is it, do you need it, and where do you start?

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Rate Wrap and Market Wrap

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Rate Wrap

View articles and sign-up to our monthly Rate Wrap email which focuses on interest rate markets and the macroeconomic backdrop that is driving the moves. We dive deeper into the market action seen across various markets in the UK and abroad and give light to some of the trends we are seeing on the desk when it comes to interest rate hedging.

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Daily Market Wrap

Sign up to our Daily Market Wrap which provides a commentary on the latest major developments in the UK and other global economies. Including macro-economic risks, it aims to help you keep abreast of what is happening in the economy and enable you to plan accordingly.


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Global Macro Forecast 

In the latest macroeconomic forecast you can read our analysts’ views and forecasts of the global economic situation.

Macro Research

View our range of analyses and forecasts.