Responsible financing and investing

Taking a long-term approach to financing and investing
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We see responsible financing and investment as our biggest opportunities to influence sustainable development in society. 

We apply the long view in all of our lending, ensuring factors affecting sustainability are discussed with our customers, and reflected in our credit advice and decisions. With significant lending to the property sector, it’s important for us to consider our customers’ environmental and social impacts, as these could affect repayment capacity. 

Over time, this is not only good for the customer and the Bank, but for our local communities and wider society.

Responsible investing

Handelsbanken's investment approach echoes this thinking. Our wealth management advisers in branches around Great Britain put customers' long-term financial wellbeing at the heart of their advice, while our Handelsbanken Asset Management team aims to steward customers' assets carefully throughout the economic cycle. 

Building on Handelsbanken's reputation in the Nordic region for sustainable investments, Handelsbanken Asset Management  last year launched our sustainable fund offering for UK customers. The four multi asset sustainable funds provide the building blocks our customers require to meet their risk/return objectives through responsible and sustainable investing.

Handelsbanken Asset Management is a member of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF), while the Handelsbanken Group is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). 

Our sustainable funds


Handelsbanken Asset Management sustainable strategies

To find out more about how our sustainable funds can help you to make returns whole making a positive difference, get in touch:

For further information please view the below reports:

Sustainable Impact Report 2021 (pdf)

Sustainable investing - helping your money make a difference

In the following video, Chief Investment Officer Graham Bishop and Investment Manager Ben Matthews discuss the growth in popularity of sustainable investing, including an overview of the history and development of our four multi asset funds. Ben also describes the funds' three-stage investment philosophy, at the heart of which is our focus on helping our customers to achieve their investment goals while investing sustainably.