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Cash and cheque services for businesses

Everyday banking via the Post Office® and Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service

Coronavirus update

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, the quickest way to receive money is to be paid digitally; so if possible, you should ask individuals and businesses to pay you this way.

Our Postal Cheque Service may be subject to delays, so please use only in exceptional circumstances.

Post Offices® may have restricted availability, so please look on the Post Office® websiteOpens in a new window before you travel.

HSBC branches may have restricted availability, so please look on their website to check the branch is open before you travel.

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Handelsbanken has partnered with the Post Office® to deliver a range of banking services for convenient and accessible banking. Businesses can access banking services across the Post Office® branch network in the UK.

Post Office® Cash Deposit Service

Pay in up to £2,000 of cash per deposit at any Post Office® branch. If you need to pay in larger amounts, Main Post Office® branches can accept up to £20,000 in cash per deposit.

Post Office® Cash Withdrawal Service

This service enables you to withdraw up to £500 of cash (subject to your transaction limits) at any Post Office® branch, using your Handelsbanken Debit Card. You will be given a printed receipt to confirm the transaction. Please retain this for your record.

Post Office® Change Giving Service

This service enables you to exchange up to £1,000 of sterling notes for the same value of £5 notes and/or coin at an agreed Post Office® branch, using a Handelsbanken Change Giving card (subject to an application process).

Handelsbanken Postal Cheque Service

Deposit cheques into your Handelsbanken account via our pre-paid Postal Cheque Service.

Making a deposit at HSBC branches

You can also deposit cash (up to a maximum of £7,500 per deposit) and cheques into your account using your Handelsbanken paying-in book via the counter at HSBC branches.

For more details on these services, please speak to your account manager.