Buy and sell currency in real time: efficiently and securely

Execute transactions in over 20 currencies.

You can trade in:

  • Foreign exchange (FX) spot contracts
  • FX forward contracts
  • FX swap contracts

Supporting your currency needs

If your business trades internationally, it should be looking to manage its FX exposure. Even a tiny variation in FX rates could be costly. Our FX services are tailored to your specific needs and, our MarketOn-Line secure website can help you to keep your currency trading fast, efficient and competitive. 

MarketOn-Line provides you with flexibility:

  • Choose the settlement date of the exchange to meet your business commitments
  • Execute transactions of any size
  • Customisable user interface to suit your priorities

Benefits to your business

  • Access real time information with FX rates updated in real-time as the market moves
  • Extended execution hours
  • No minimum amount requirements. Currency risks can be covered to meet your needs
  • Cost effective and saves you time - cheaper than standard bank rates and no need to call us to book an FX deal

Market Online

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You can access the MarketOn-Line system here:
If you are unable to access the MarketOn-Line system please contact your local branch.