QR reader

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Our QR Reader is a secure way to log in to Corporate Online Banking and authorise transactions. 
  • Log in anywhere, anytime, and any place with your log on card and QR Reader
  • Authorise payments and transactions to new and existing beneficiaries
  • Activate Handelsbanken mobile apps and Digital ID
  • Protect against fraudulent transactions on your account with highly secure technology

How does the QR Reader work?

It enables you to use a physical device to log in to online banking securely, giving you additional protection against fraud by allowing you to ‘sign’ (approve) transactions. 

QR codes are a type of two dimensional barcode that can only be read by a dedicated QR reader; they can’t be hacked, so you can be sure you’re logging in securely 

The QR reader scans a unique, one-time QR code, so you can confirm it’s really you logging in.

Don’t disclose any security information relating to your online banking to anyone, no matter who they claim to be. This includes card numbers, response codes from the card reader, your Personal ID, passcodes and log-on PIN. We’ll never ask you for this information.

Log in using the QR Reader

This short video shows how to log in using the QR reader.


  • We’ve changed some screens and processes within our online banking systems, so they’re compatible with the QR readers. For example, some processes which used to use *‘Challenge and response’ security features, now use a QR code instead. We’ve kept changes to a minimum; please follow the on-screen instructions or contact our Customer Support team for help. 

    *Challenge & response: a security procedure in which one party presents a question (in this case, the bank) and another party (the customer), must provide a valid answer to be authenticated.

  • BankID is designed to operate with our older versions of card readers. The new QR reader doesn’t require BankID to enable our customers to log in and sign transactions.

  • The QR Reader is the latest version of our card reader. It doesn’t require a cable and uses an embedded QR scanner to further improve our log in and signing processes.

    *The older, non QR readers will NO longer be issued by the bank. Customers who have one of these card readers, will still to be able to use them to log in and sign within our online banking systems.